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Report: Adrian Peterson Could Be Arrested For Drug Violation

Isiah Carey of Fox News 26 in Houston is reporting that Vikings RB Adrian Peterson could be arrested again for violating his bond.

According to Carey, Montgomery County prosecutors have filed documents to have Peterson arrested after he admitted to using drugs, which would violate his bond conditions.

Peterson admitted that he had “smoked a little weed” before submitting his urine sample, according to the court records.

The Montgomery County District Attorney has asked the judge in his child abuse case to set aside Peterson’s $15,000 bond and have him arrested again.

Carey adds that Peterson will not be arrested on Thursday and Peterson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, has not been available for comment.

This comes just a day after Peterson’s child-abuse trial was tentatively set for December 1. Hardin is still expected to push for a trial date of November 18, which would give him at least a remote chance of returning to the NFL if he was found not guilty and reinstated.

However, it appears as though the idea of him returning to the Vikings this season could be even more far fetched now that he could be arrested for violating his bond.

We’ll have more updates as the news is available.

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james fetes

are you sure he wasn’t smoking a tree limb,,,,”


He must have some sorry supportive friends an advisors with regards to smoking a little weed, He knew here he was coming and what was going to be required of him as far as submitting to dug tests etc… He must not realize that this could effect the rest of his career, If that matters to him, Hardins not doing him any favors if he doesn’t counsel him to leave that shit alone for awhile! I would look for some new friends!


When you do something they don’t like they stay after you until you fall stay strong and lay low.


They are really trying to bring this brother down. Load up the wagon, and arrest 50% of the population for smoking a little pot. Not a possession charge but just smoking with no witnesses to say. The system!!!!

Joli Kmetz

Did you fail to read the portion where Peterson admitted to smoking a “little” prior to his drug test? Why in the world would you admit to a court official that you smoked? If any thing he should be arrested for being flat out dumb.


Your correct but I imagine he thought Damn Im gonna get busted on this drug positive test and the good guy on that one shoulder felt compelled to try and soften the blow, Not that it would matter to the person administering the test!

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