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Report: Adrian Peterson Wants More Guaranteed Money Added To His Contract

Jason Cole reports that there are still two issues regarding Adrian Peterson being back with the Vikings, following the news that he will be reinstated on Friday.

The first is that he wants new guarantees added to his contract as some sort of apology from the team. As things stand right now, there are no more guarantees remaining in his current deal that will keep him under team control for another three years.

The second issue is that Peterson still doesn’t trust the Vikings’ front office. Cole mentions that Peterson has no issues with the Vikings’ coaching staff, the football people, and ownership.

According to Cole, there are four teams interested in trading for him — the Jaguars, Cowboys, Cardinals and Colts.

Cole points out that the Jaguars could offer him the kind of money he’s looking for, but the Cowboys still make the most sense for Peterson, given that he can compete for a title and they have a solid offensive line in place.

  • Dane Brugler of CBS Sports mentions that the Cowboys can’t be ruled out as an option for Peterson until they’ve drafted a running back.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Peterson is not expected to receive a suspension from the league, but he could still be docked up to three game checks.

It’s worth mentioning that the Vikings have maintained all along that they have no plans to trade Peterson, and instead expect him to be their starting running back this year.

Peterson, 29, still has another three years remaining on his seven-year, $96 million contract that included $36 million guaranteed. Over the next three years, Peterson stands to make base salaries of $12.75 million (2015), $14.75 million (2016), and $16.75 million (2017).

As for his cap figures, the Vikings are looking at $15.4 million (2015), $15 million (2016), and $17 million (2017).

According to OverTheCap.com, trading Peterson would free up $13 million in available cap space and create $2.4 million dead money.

Peterson appeared in just one game for the Vikings and ran for 75 yards on 21 carries (3.6 YPC) while adding two receptions for 18 yards receiving and no touchdowns.


  • Anton

    The Vikings have all the leverage, force him to play, don’t let him go to another team… The Vikings have always supported him, the city and local press have been hard on him but Minnesota is a different state than others. R. Reagan won 49 states in 1984, the lone state that did not join the rest of the country was Minnesota…

  • Joe Barnes

    I wouldn’t give him one additional thing. Peterson has a contract, and should be made to honor it. The Vikings would be fools to give in to him.
    He has a list of demands. Who the hell does he think he is.
    I would give him a list of demands. Play ball, or sit out, the choice is his.
    He deserves nothing more.
    Vikings can do exactly what Detroit did to Sanders, if he refuses to co-operate.
    Sorry A.P, this is a business, and you work for Minnesota.
    I would hate to see you retire, but I could live with it.

  • Rnat

    He should keep his mouth shut and play ball. Why would someone coming off a suspension for committing a crime be able to demand anything. I am a Viking fan and would love to have him back but he needs to grow up. I think some lineman is going to clean his clock and tell him go ahead and try that with me.

  • chasdurham


    • Land Baron

      “Brutal child beater”? What am I missing here? He whacked his kid ass with a switch for misbehavior. If that makes him a “brutal child beater” I could have had both of my parents executed for things they did to me. This is the kind of crap that has parents afraid of their children instead of vice versa.

  • Dan88Trox

    Here’s a idea. Honor your 96 million dollar contract. Thats frigging disgusting. They owe you zero apologizes. If your going to whack your kid(s), and I do use your hand to crack them on the butt.

  • Nmc1496

    He shouldn’t get to demand anything. What he did to his child was child abuse –it went WAY past normal punishment for a four year old (or any age for that matter). However, he didn’t kill anybody….but he just needs to come back to the league, play ball and keep his demands to himself.

    • Nmc1496

      And if I were that child’s mother, they would arrest me for abusing Adrian. I would see how he liked it if somebody caused welts to his groin area:)

  • John Errigo

    He rode a Camel into his 30th. Birthday party. Bucs have room/his interest. My 6th. grade teacher had a big wooden paddle with holes on it for velocity. Come on Roger, does this make-up for Ray?

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