Report: Bill Belichick “Sees An Opening” To Be Giants’ Head Coach

A source tells Gary Myers of the New York Daily News that Patriots HC Bill Belichicksees an opening” and just might explore the possibility of returning to the Giants’ next as their next head coach.

“I’m sure Bill knows this is his last chance to be the Giants coach,” a source close to Belichick told Myers on Friday. “Bill sees an opening – an opening to get to the Giants.”

An ESPN report surfaced Friday that questioned how long Belichick may remain in New England after all that has transpired with the team over the past year.

Myers’ source said he’s not certain if the reported friction within the Patriots would prompt Belichick to try to force his way out, but he’s convinced: “The Giants are the only place he wants to be.”

Myers says his source hasn’t spoken to Belichick since the ESPN story surfaced, but he’s apparently “very familiar with The Hoodie’s desire to coach the Giants.”

“He wants to be the Giants coach. I know that for a fact,” Myers’ source said. “That would be pretty cool. My guess is if he wants out, the Giants already know. He would be great with Gettleman. Bill is a football guy. Gettleman is a football guy.

While there are some concerns about the future of the Patriots, it would be stunning to see Belichick leave all that he’s built in New England to begin a rebuild with a different GM already in place, even if that team happens to be the franchise he worked for several years ago and holds in high regard.

The Patriots are built in the exact model Belichick prefers and while there may not be a Jimmy Garoppolo in place to turn to once Tom Brady is ready to retire, nothing is stopping them from drafting another quarterback to develop in the coming years.

Of course, the Giants could offer him the No. 2 overall pick to use on a quarterback but it would be a far larger undertaking for him at this point in his career than staying in New England.

You can expect to hear more about Belichick’s future in New England in the coming weeks.

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