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Report: Bills Could Have A New Owner By October


Tim Graham of the Buffalo News,citing a “high-ranking Bills source,” reports that the team could have a new owner as early as October of this year.

According to Graham, the Bills are expected to begin evaluating offers for the franchise in the next few months.

Graham’s source mentioned that the annual labor meeting in December or the owners meetings in March could be a “more likely timetable” for a sale of the franchise. However, October reportedly remains a possibility.

Any sale of a franchise requires a 75 percent approval by the owners, but depending on candidate, that probably won’t be a huge obstacle.

For the time being, Mary Wilson, Ralph Wilson’s widow, has taken over control of the team.

Billionaire Donald Trump mentioned that he has been contacted about potentially purchasing the team, although it’s hard to say how plausible that idea really is at this point in time.

I’m sure we’ll hear much more regarding potential candidates in the coming months.



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