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Report: Browns Sign QB Jason Campbell

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Browns have signed QB Jason Campbell.

  • Jason La Canfora reports that Campbell receives a two-year deal. 
  • La Canfora adds that Campbell could end up winning the Browns’ starting job during training camp.
  • Ian Rapoport tweets that he could still see the Browns taking a quarterback during the draft.

Campbell, 31, had been linked to the Bears, Jets and Titans before reaching an agreement with Cleveland. Although, it really seemed as though the Browns were the favorites to sign Campbell all along.

This signing appears to be an indication that the Browns are prepared to move on without Colt McCoy, but it will be interesting to see if they will allow him to compete for the starting job like La Canfora suggested.

We had Campbell listed as the No. 29 player in our recently updated Top 50 Free Agents list.

  • metalhead65

    this guy is nothing special and did not look much better than the guy he replaced as the bears backup last year. the browns starter must really suck if he beats him out.

  • Jason Campbell took a dysfunctional Oakland team to undefeated in their division and a .500 record for the first time in years,give him the same offensive coordinator two years in a row and watch what happens.There is NOBODY in Oakland who wouldn’t gladly see Gampbell under center than the wreck they have.

  • Campbell is a good aquisition. He played very good in Oakland.he could be the starter.An RG3 type of QB would have been preferable, he can run, throw the bomb and hang in the pocket like a champ. too bad the browns aren’t that serious in getting a franchise QB, otherwise they would have done whatever it took to draft a guy like Rg3.
    this will be the 20th QB the browns will have start since 1999.
    It’s time to make some changes in the browns organization. Maybe stop drafting ohio born players and start drafting the best player available.
    I’m tired of rooting for a team that’s a league joke and door mat.

  • Thank God he’s out of Chicago. He was scared in the pocket.

  • Big Swede

    As a Bears fan, I think we just lost a BACK-UP QB. I don’t think it’s earth shattering that he left Chicago, since any QB signing on right now will be meeting a new coaching staff and learning an entirely new offense.

  • JHop

    Not sure how much of an upgrade he is to McCoy as backup / starting competition.

    • Rick Hughes


  • Patrick Myers

    I think Campbell is an elite level athlete Just not An elite quarterback. He has Achieved only short stints of marginal success. Sounds just like the quarterbacks we have now. Also sounds like goodbye McCoy.

    • Rick Hughes

      what a stupid move , this was! The guy isn’t even a decent backup! Must of gotten him really cheap! That’s all this new ownership looks at! Cleveland has another Dolan owning a major league team! Too cheap to spend any money on free agents!

      • JHop

        After Haslem just spent ~$75 million on Bryant and Kruger? And that statement could be deemed less relevant after the Indians’ recent spending spree this offseason…

  • Samir

    damn it

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