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Report: Dolphins Renewing Efforts To Trade WR Mike Wallace



Armando Salguero reports that the Dolphins have not spoken to any team regarding a Mike Wallace trade at any point this offseason.


Jason La Canfora reports that the Miami Dolphins have renewed attempts to trade WR Mike Wallace at this week’s owners meeting.

  • La Canfora mentions that NFL teams are currently doing homework on Wallace, however, his contract makes a trade difficult.
  • La Canfora adds that some people around the league have wondered if a Mike Wallace for DeSean Jackson trade would make sense for the two teams.

It’s worth noting that La Canfora first reported that the Dolphins were interested in trading Wallace, as well as other players like DE Dion Jordan and DE Cameron Wake.

Wallace, 27, is entering just the second season of his five-year, $60 million contract that included $30 million guaranteed. He has a staggering 2014 base salary of $15 million and will count $17.25 million against the team’s salary cap.

Jason Fitzgerald mentions that the Dolphins may have to eat between $8 t0 $9 million of Wallace’s contract in order to trade him.

The Eagles have reportedly run into issues trying to trade WR DeSean Jackson due to his current salary, so it’s hard to imagine the Dolphins finding a taker for Wallace at this price.

Wallace almost certainly would not rework his contract to facilitate a trade. We’ll have to see if anything comes of this in the next few weeks.



pixy Report: Dolphins Renewing Efforts To Trade WR Mike Wallace

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Let’s take one minute here and just assume this rag article has any real meat to it, just because your favorite team looks at a player who just happens to be very good and is also a team strength that means the player already on said team will be dumped? OR…said team is looking kicking the tires doing their homework on ALL the best players regardless of position, maybe huh? these rag writers write material to stir up the pot, to make you think in a different direction, their so called “source” most always turns out to be someone in… Read more »

Peace Joy
Peace Joy

Well, if the Eagles must trade DJ, they should trade him along with Cole to the Dolphins for DJ and Wallace. That’s fair and both teams win.

Mike Cardwell
Mike Cardwell

For those of us in Pittsburgh who knew Wallace was a one trick pony and didn’t deserve the contract he got aren’t feeling sorry for the Dolphins management who lacked the foresight to actually watch video of this guy.


Really!! This is a perfect example of how FA can really screw a team up – they are now stuck with him since they cannot trade him and you’re right Mike they deserve it. This is why I always laugh at articles that describe ‘losers’ in FA, bet the Dolphins were one of the ‘winners’ LAST year in FA, LOL!!!!

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