Report: Emmanuel Sanders Had An Agreement With The Chiefs


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported a few hours ago that the Broncos are expected to sign former Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders.

However, Schefter wasn’t able to get confirmation from the team nor Sanders’ agent, which seemed a little strange at the time.

Ian Rapoport fo the NFL Network, citing a team source, reports that Sanders’ agent Steve Weinberg accepted a deal in principle on behalf of the receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite having an agreement with a team, Weinberg reportedly engaged in negotiations with the Buccaneers.

Weinberg’s actions have reportedly left other NFL teams “fuming and crying foul.” According a team official, Weinberg broke “every rule in negotiations.

“This was one of the worst situations in modern football negotiations,” one executive involved tell Rapoport. “Totally wrong. This needs to be stopped.

Weinberg was just recently reinstated by the NFL Players Association after he was some past issues regarding diverting assets to an offshore account.

“When a man gives you his words and pulls out,” one executive said, “then gives another team your word and pulls out, then gives another team his word … Not proper.”

Several reports have since confirmed Schefter’s report that Sanders has reached an agreement with the Broncos, but we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation before knowing for certain that he’ll be playing in Denver next year.


pixy Report: Emmanuel Sanders Had An Agreement With The Chiefs

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