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Report: Giants Have An Offer Out To Free Agent RB Rashad Jennings


Fallon Smith, citing a league source, reports that the Giants have an offer out to free agent RB Rashad Jennings.

  • According to Smith, Jennings is waiting on the Raiders to make a move.
  • Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area reported Monday that the Raiders “remain a major player” for Jennings.

The Raiders have the cap space to make Jennings an offer he can’t refuse if they really wanted to retain him. Oakland reportedly has a one-year offer on the table for Darren McFadden as well, but it appears as though they prefer to retain Jennings.

Jennings, 29 later this month, had 733 rushing yards, averaged 4.5-yards per carry and scored six touchdowns in 2013. His performance last season left him ranked as the No. 21 overall running back, according to Pro Football Focus.

We have Jennings ranked as our No. 85 player available in our list of Top 100 free-agents.

  • Governorcf

    McKenzie always sits on his ass while players sit waiting for his call. When he takes too long, they go elsewhere. But don’t worry he has Grre Bay on speed dial. They always have a few rejects to send our way. Reggie you are the West Coast version of Matt Miller. Both Linemen from Oakland, both incompetent as General Managers.
    Resigning McFragile only proves how clueless Reggie is as a GM. Take away his phone and check writing privileges. Move his office to a closet with a picture of himself to keep him busy.

  • M Dot

    What we need to do is make this trade for Revis happen resign Lamarr go after LT Charles Brown (he’s better than you might think he took blame for more than his share) and then go sign Marquis Jackson (Texas Southern/Portland St) he almost brije Strahans sack record and hes the twin of Malik Jackson (Bronco’s) then go spend some more $$ on some top guys this is Davis and McKenzie’s opportunity to bring back the old mystique #LetsGoRaiders#RaiderNation

    • KloverJane

      Maybe Revis…but do we really need another cornerback? isn’t that why we drafted DJ Hayden and resigned Taiwan Jones?

  • Aaron Reyes

    The raiders raiders need to keep jennings hes a beast and forget about McFadden hes not going to be able to do anything for the next couple of years…then go to qb the then line depending on qb.. but im part of raider nation all day..

    • KloverJane

      It doesn’t seem like they are. It’s really bugging me, you might say. Unless they are planning on going for Blount, Ben Tate, or Moreno, I don’t see an upgrade over Jennings.

  • KloverJane

    Yet another player we’re letting get away no doubt. All quiet on the western front. They haven’t reshaped the roster in any way. Figure it out and make some moves that help us. What the f*** is going on in this holy Hell of salary cap room? Nevermind that we need a new offensive line or pass rushers. Isn’t that why we drafted?
    I am awestruck in the process they’ve got going on in that front office. The game Stratego is not used for real world events in the theater of battle.

    • Sad_Raider_Fan

      Why do I feel RM is going to just let everyone leave and sign 3rd stringers to start?

      • KloverJane

        Maybe he thinks we need more purging. because the front office is sure alienating the fans and pushing people that have been loyal for decades like myself away.

        • Sad_Raider_Fan

          I say no to Revis. I’m tired of the Raiders giving up draft picks for players. We have to many holes.

      • Lashonn Ford

        how many Pro Bowls has Lamar Houston gone too how many Pro Bowls has Veldheer going to i forget?????

        • Sad_Raider_Fan

          The point being is we need to resign our guys. Not just the backups.

          • Lashonn Ford

            I’m sorry but all these guys ever did is Loose !!! not one of them could start for the donkeys. I don’t understand the attachment to middle of the pack players.

        • KloverJane

          It isn’t about that. It’s about keeping our players that anchor that line and pass rush here. Both QBs ran for their lives because Veldeer was out. Houston was the only DE that got six sacks with the rest of that injured sorry lot. Knowing this system already, they are cornerstones. We have people to replace/acquire without adding to more to find. Not too mention Jennings could run to Chicago or GB.

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