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“Very Little” Interest In QB JaMarcus Russell


The National Football Post is reporting that there has been “very little” interest in former No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell.

Teams are reportedly still uneasy about Russell’s weight issues and being out of shape.

One of the first knocks against Russell was his lack of discipline and conditioning, which helped derail his football career. NFP adds that the fact these issues still persist shows NFL clubs he hasn’t learned from his mistakes the first time around.



According to Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net, the Bears and Cardinals have shown interest in free agent QB JaMarcus Russell.

Pauline adds that teams interested in seeing Russell prefer him to participate in private workouts, rather than a Pro Day.

  • Mike Wright reports that the Bears are “not even remotely” interested in Russell.
  • Sean Jensen “strongly” believes the Bears don’t have any “real interest” in Russell.
  • Jim Corbett of USA Today adds the Jets to the list of speculative options for Russell.
  • Mike Jurecki reports that the Cardinals have “zero interest” in Russell.

As for the Bears, they are in need of a back-up quarterback after QB Jason Campbell signed with the Browns, so it makes sense that they would at least do their homework on all of the available options.

It will be interesting to see if anyone actually schedules a visit or workout with Russell in the coming weeks.



Vic Tafur is hearing that free agent QB JaMarcus Russell will cancel his Pro Day, which was to be held on April 10, in favor of working out for teams individually.

A previous report indicated that “more than a few teams” have been paying attention to his attempt at an NFL comeback, so we’ll have to see if anyone is willing to bring him in for a workout in the coming weeks.


According to a NFC scout who spoke with Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, there’s a “good chance” that former No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell will get another shot in the NFL.

Freemen adds that he’s been informed that “more than a few teams” have been monitoring Russell’s comeback closely. Freeman admits that there’s still a chance Russell never suits up for an NFL team, but it appears as though teams are willing to give him consideration based on his “desire to prove himself.

Russell, 27, has reportedly lost 30 pounds during his comeback attempt, but has been out of the league for three years now. It will be interesting to see if anyone brings him in for workout.

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Oh good, the QB version of Albert Haynesworth has lost 30 pounds; in real math he’s still 50 pounds overweight and 40 pages shy of understanding an NFL playbook.

Very little interest? To quote Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise”.

Terrence Healy
When Jamarcus Played for the Raiders, the Coach stated ” we have six plays he understands and we are using, we had to dumb down our offense for him. Ability to be an NFL Quarterback includes comprehension and being able to learn a new offense and retain it and execute it. Quarterbacks need the Mental acruity to be able to retain and execute a quite complex system, if he could do that he would still be a Raider. When somone takes 30 Million dollars from a Team and then turns out to be drinking Purple Drank, he is going to… Read more »

As a Raider fan, all I can say to anyone who seriously thinks Jawalrus wants to play for anything other than money is “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”

He’s a worthless sack of dung. PERIOD!

J Richard

I think he ran out of money. If he was so dedicated to the sport why did it take him three years to realize it?

Chicago Paul

The guy let the money get to his head and got lazy.
Plenty of rookies are hungrier, younger and will work for 3 years to develop costing teams less money and less risk.

Chance White
You would think if JM is sincere about his desire to prove the league wrong and show he can be a hard working player, he would dedicate every minute of every day to trimming down and getting back to elite condition. The fact that he is still overweight shows this is not the case. A big arm is not enough, especially when it is not accompanied by accuracy and football intelligence. I have been rooting for JM in this comeback, but so far he is looking like the Oakland flop. I think he is more concerned about money than being… Read more »
George McMahon
Agreed on the weight issue, he should have trimmed down before making his very public comeback attempt. I think that’s very telling. That said, I can’t believe teams like the Bills, Jags, Jets and Raiders wouldn’t at least offer up a 1 year league minimum deal and put him at 2 or 3 on the depth chart. I’d look at VY before JR but both guys should at least get a shot to prove themselves. From the team’s perspective it’s low risk and could have (long shot albeit) a decent return. If it doesn’t work out cut him and move… Read more »
Mike Hawk

Oakland giving Russell ANYTHING is an absurd thought. He burned them for enough money already, why would Baby Davis follow in Uncle Al’s footsteps?

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