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Free Agent S James Ihedigbo Deciding Between The Lions & Bears?



According to Dave Birkett, it “sounds” like free agent S James Ihedigbo is deciding between signing with the Lions or the Bears right now.

  • Aaron Wilson recently reported that Ihedigbo is considering multiple offers, but the Ravens aren’t expected to match any of them.

Ihedigbo visited with the Lions a week ago, but ultimately left without a contract. He changed agents recently, so there a chance that an agreement could be in place at some point in the near future.

Ihedigbo, 30, is one of the best available safeties, and both the Lions and Bears could really use some help at the position. Last year, he totaled 100 tackles, three interceptions, a forced fumble and two recoveries for the Ravens defense.

Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 16 safety in league last season. We have him listed as the No. 15 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.


Aaron Wilson reports that the Baltimore Ravens have maintained interest re-signing free agent S James Ihedigbo this offseason.

  • Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reported earlier in the day that Ihedigbo has hired a new agent in recent weeks.
  • Birkett adds that the Lions can now resume pursuit of Ihedigbo if they happen to still be interested in signing him.


Dave Birkett reports that free agent S James Ihedigbo is leaving Detroit without a contract. However, Ihedigbo reportedly mentioned that it’s very possible he signs with a team soon.

  • Birkett adds that Ihedigbo needs to get his agent situation squared away.

Ihedigbo, 30, makes sense for the Lions given that they have an obvious need at safety and Ihedigbo played for new Lions DC Teryl Austin for the past two years in Baltimore.


  • Mike

    Lions signed him today, wtf Emery!

  • Mike

    how do the Bears not even attempt to try to sign Him? why would anyone want to go to Detroit?

  • Josh Short

    This would be a pretty big pick up for the Bears, if he were to come to Chicago. It would free us up to draft a D-lineman in the first round and possibly the second as well. If anything, it would allows to a depth in the draft instead of expecting a rookie to come in and “save the day”.

  • Larry Cutler

    I’ve been to 1 Super Bowl Parade with Chicago in 86, Why not the Bears in 2014? If every team, outside of say Cleveland, or Jacksonville, all want to win a Championship. That’s every teams goal. No one gets a parade for losing the SB. Come to Chi-town, so we can dump Chris Conte in Lake Michigan with a nice pair of cement shoes.

  • dave_hanna

    Gee, what a choice. Thug nation or the Charter NFL franchise with a chance to be in the SB in 2014. Guess we will see how smart he is.

    • I’m watching you

      Thug nation, you must mean the bears, but no chance sb

      • dave_hanna

        we will both know in 10 months…

    • Phil

      Are you implying that the Bears could be in the Super Bowl with Jay Cutler as their quarterback? If so, please roll over so that your wife can wake you up from your dream Dave!

      • Mike

        whats Stafford done for Detroit? really funny listenIng to somebody talk smack about our quarterback when your quarterback hasn’t done Jack!

        • Phil

          I don’t disagree entirely with you Mike. It’s just that I truly believe Stafford has quite a bit more upside to him than Cutler has, but again, it is just an opinion.

          • Michael

            Phil, The reason why NFL analysts and such don’t really like Cutler is because he was supposed to be the “second coming of Jesus for a QB”. He has not lived up to the hype and they are upset me made them look bad, but that is not because he doesn’t have the talent it is because poor Jay Cutler has had a ton of diversity at his position. In his tenure in the NFL he has had to learn 3 different offenses, his coaches were never around long enough before another one came in and he has been surrounded by some of the worst defenses in the league. You guys say he is cocky and has a bad attitude well I would be frustrated as well if I were the QB and knew more about offense than my offensive coordinator. I like his spirit he is an outspoken individual and his frustration just shows he cares. He is also one of the main reasons the Bears picked up Jared Allen and Brandon Marshall because they know he is a smart and talented QB.
            I have also had it with him in certain area’s. I completely agree with it being a put up or shut up signing with Cutler. We now have a very scary defense and our offense is sublime. Jay seems to not progress in certain situations like red zone interceptions with stupid mistakes. Last year he was on the road to the pro bowl. It’s just a matter of time with him I hate to love the guy, because there is great potential, but there are things in football you can’t be taught and have to learn through life experience. I think this will be a great year for Jay.

          • Phil

            I have to admit that the Bears most certainly improved their defense, at least on the DL with their recent signings and you have two very scary WR’s. However, when it comes to Cutler, I liken him to be the “Tony Romo North”, talented, but there will always be something that will frustrate him, therefore, as a Lion fan, I really don’t worry about the Bears so much. Now, if you guys could somehow figure out a way to get Rodgers away from Green Bay, you guys would be well on your way to another Super Bowl victory. Cutler is only going to hold the Bears back until such time as they are able to obtain a tried and true “franchise-type” QB.

      • FJ doreza

        I am a Bears fan, NOT a Cutler fan, so I totally agree. There’s a reason why Denver let him go and now we will understand why.

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