Saints & RT Zach Strief “Getting Close” To An Agreement



Jason La Canfora reports that the Saints and RT Zach Strief are meeting Monday to work on a new contract.

  • La Canfora adds that the two sides are “getting close” to an agreement.

Strief, 30, is one of the best right tackles available in the free agent market. However, NFL teams have been reluctant to pay right tackles in recent years, which is evident from the fact that

Strief rates as the No. 7 offensive tackle in the league, according to Pro Football Focus. We have Penn listed as the No. 14 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.


According to Ralph Cindrich, the agent for Saints free agent RT Zach Strief, contract negotiations have “heated up” with the Saints in recent days.

  • Cindrich clarified that Strief didn’t spurn the Dolphins as the two sides never scheduled a visit.
  • Cindrich mentions that the Dolphins “took a hit” after talks with Saints started to progress.

All indications are that that a deal could be reached at some point, but there is clearly more work to be done.


According to Ian Rapoport, the Saints and free agent RT Zach Strief have “mutual interest” regarding a new contract.

  • Strief’s agent, Ralph Cindrich, mentions that the two sides have in discussions about returning to New Orleans.
  • Rapoport adds that the Saints are Strief’s “top choice.


Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that free agent RT Zach Strief has decided not to visit with the Dolphins.

  • Jackson adds that no explanation was given for Strief’s decision.
  • The Jets reportedly have interest in Strief as well.


Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports the Dolphins have expressed interest in free agent RT Zach Strief this week.

  • According to Jackson, Strief had prior engagements that prevented him from making visits this week.
  • Jackson adds that there still hasn’t been a meeting scheduled as of Noon on Thursday.
  • Jackson mentions that the “leaguewide sense” is that Strief prefers to return to New Orleans next years.


Seth Walder of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets have inquired about Saints free agent RT Zach Strief.

  • Walder mentions that RT Austin Howard could be headed elsewhere in the coming days.


pixy Saints & RT Zach Strief "Getting Close" To An Agreement

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