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Report: Jets Met With QB Mark Sanchez On Friday Regarding His Future In NY

Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com reports that the Jets met with the representatives for QB Mark Sanchez on Friday at the Scouting Combine to discuss the his future with the team.

According to Cimini, nothing was resolved during their preliminary discussions, but they reportedly agreed to “maintain open lines of communication.

Sanchez, , is coming off of season-ending labrum tear to his throwing shoulder, but is said be progressing nicely following surgery.

Cimini mentions that Sanchez will continue his rehab at the Jets’ facility next week, so that the team can get a look at how he’s doing.

The consensus belief is that the Jets will likely part ways with Sanchez based on the fact that he will have a staggering $13.1 million salary-cap figure for 2014 season. The Jets stand to gain $8.3 million in cap space by releasing him, which could be too much to pass up. It’s also worth mentioning that Sanchez has a $2 million roster bonus that Cimini doesn’t see them picking up.

There is a chance of course that he could be asked to take a pay cut, but we’ll have to see if they elect to go this route.

It’s worth mentioning that Sanchez has been a turnover machine in recent years, which includes 52 turnovers from 2011-12. Some have mentioned that Sanchez could have a better than expected market if he was cut loose.

Speculative options could include the Browns, Jaguars, Raiders, Texans and Vikings.

pixy Report: Jets Met With QB Mark Sanchez On Friday Regarding His Future In NY

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Larry Third

You talk about Sanchez, remember he did take them to two AFC champinships, then the team starting cutting very good players and the Jets went down hill from there. Do you think Geno Smith is going to take them to the play offs, he is the worst QB IN the NFL, he wasnt even good in college,keep Sanchez, get rid of Geno and draft another QB and I am not a Sanchez fan,but he better than Geno.


A great O line, and very good running game and defense carried Sanchez to those games, Smith has much better passing skills and legs. Sanchez never made a throw , that made you say wow.


This is not news. He does not deserve a single second of media. Sanchez is one of the most pathetic QBs in the history of the NFL. Being scared of change is what separates Carroll from Rex.

Guys, please stop the video ads… I love this site, but there are plenty of options out there.

NFL Trade Rumors

My apology for the video ads. For some reason, the filter we have setup hasn’t been working as well as it should be in recent days. I’ll start taking care of it manually.

As for Sanchez, we mentioned it because it’s somewhat surprising that the Jets would even meet with him as it seemed like an obvious decision that the Jets would just cut him loose.


hahaha Rex would have his children if he could…nothing shocks me when it comes to those two

Thanks for helping out with those ads… they are of the brutal variety…long, loud, and annoying

NFL Trade Rumors

Ha! It’s hard to get a tattoo of your wife wearing one of your players jersey’s and not stand behind him to the fullest extent.

I would agree about those ads being the worst.

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