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Report: Jets Prepared To Trade QB Mark Sanchez

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports, the Jets will have a total cap figure of $141 million next season and already need to shed $20 million off of that number.

Cole adds that the Jets are in fact exploring trades for both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, but the idea of them adding potential free agent quarterback like Michael Vick or possibly even Alex Smith “seems like a long shot.

Basically, they’ll have to find someone willing to take on a fair amount of salary next season and even then they may have to start a cheap quarterback like Greg McElroy or possibly a mid-round draft pick.


Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets will explore a trade for QB Mark Sanchez during the offseason.

Mehta writes that the Jets will most likely have to eat a large portion of Sanchez’s 2013 base salary that will guarantee him $8.25 million next season. Mehta adds that the most any team that’s actually willing to trade for Sanchez would be willing to take on is $3 million.

This, of course, is assuming that such a team actually exists. I couldn’t imagine any player in the league having as little trade value as Sanchez currently has. There’s numerous questions about his overall ability and the fact that he would require a team to part with some sort of value that would include cash compensation and possible a draft pick, would suggest that there are only a few potential options out there.

According to the report, Michael Vick would be willing to play for the Jets next season, assuming he’s released by Phildelphia and Sanchez is no longer on the team’s roster. Rex Ryan reportedly “loves” Vick, so this could be his last hope of remaining the Jets head coach beyond 2013.



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Daniel Stillmunks
WHO wants an ‘average’ QB anyhow. Sanchez didn’t play his senior year at USC; Sanchez didn’t win a Heisman Trophy. John David Booty the year before Sanchez was a BETTER Q.B. and he didn’t make it (to my knowledge) in the NFL. Back up QB on practice squad. Maybe Mark can be 3rd stringer for Oakland Raiders–you know behind Carson Palmer, Matt Leinhart and Mark (“BUTT-FUMBLE”) Sanchez. I’m a USC Trojan but the NFL hasn’t been kind to you three. And BOOTY isn’t even mentioned in regard to USC QB’s of the past! Figure that one out. I hope my… Read more »

I’m afraid KC will go for him and have another Cassel or Quinn. Or even worse, another Palko.

John M

Hey lets get the name right, it’s Wrecks…and as for Sanchez, there is always Toronto and that bunch…or Arena Football


Braylon Edwards was right. Idiots run the Jets. Yes, that means you Rex!


No doubt.

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