Report: Josh McDaniels Has Yet To Inform Patriots He’s Taking Colts’ HC Job


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Josh McDaniels has yet to inform the Patriots that he’ll be taking the Colts’ head-coaching job as reports have said for weeks now.

Florio says this doesn’t mean McDaniels will back out of the presumed deal with the Colts, but there’s reportedly a “strange vibe that has been floating around as it relates to the question of whether McDaniels absolutely, positively is leaving.”

The Colts held a second interview with McDaniels last week, which was considered a formality and an opportunity for owner Jim Irsay to sign off on the hire. However, Florio says that others believe the goal of the second interview was to sell McDaniels on Irsay.

If McDaniels were to snub the Colts, Florio thinks he’ll have a hard time getting another head-coaching job.

According to Florio, the thinking is that McDaniels would only do it if the Patriots were willing to give him a clear commitment that he’ll be Bill Belichick’s successor. Though, Florio admits it would be a surprise if the Patriots would box themselves in like this.

McDaniels, 41, began his NFL coaching career with the Patriots as a personnel assistant back in 2001. He worked his way up to offensive coordinator in New England before he departed for the Broncos head-coaching job in 2009.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go very well for McDaniels with the Broncos and he was fired during his second year with the team.

After a brief stint with the Rams as their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, McDaniels returned to the Patriots and has been running their offense ever since.

We’ll have more regarding McDaniels as the news is available.