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Report: Larry Fitzgerald Doesn’t Expect To Be Back With Cardinals Next Year

Craig Morgan of Fox Sports Arizona, citing a source familiar with the situation, reports that Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald does not expect to be back with the team next year.

This comes in contrast to what GM Steve Keim told reporters just a few weeks ago.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that we’ve said all along it’s our intent to have Larry Fitzgerald retire a Cardinal,” Keim told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.  “I don’t want to get into it too deep, but with planning purposes, financially, from a cap standpoint, all those sorts of things, we have Larry’s number already baked into our numbers.”

“We’ve had ongoing talks with (Fitzgerald’s agent) Eugene Parker, and we will continue to have ongoing talks,” Keim said. “Even though it’s still not 2015, it’s my job to look at 2015, ’16, ’17 and years beyond, and we have to make good business decisions.

Morgan points out that Keim basically “put the onus on Fitzgerald to take less money” next year with this comment.

According to Morgan, Fitzgerald is unlikely to restructure again next year and is reportedly not happy with his current role.

Should Fitzgerald, in fact, be unwilling to rework his contract, he could force the Cardinals to consider trading him.

Fitzgerald, 31, is in the fourth year of his eight-year, $128.5 million contract that included $50 million guaranteed. After reworking his contract, Fitzgerald received an $11.75 million signing bonus and has a base salary of $1 million for the 2014 season.

Next year, Fitzgerald has an $8 million roster bonus that’s due in March to go along with his base salary of $8 million in 2015.

After that, his salaries are $15 million and $14.75 million from the final two years of the agreement.

Fitzgerald finished the regular season with 63 catches for 784 yards and two touchdowns over the course of 14 games. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 31 receiver out of 110 qualifying players.


  • Clint Heinson

    Obviously Ur looking at ratings and not true performance,interceptions 5 for the year,His accuracy has more to do with receivers dropping balls hit in their hands,He has nobody he can throw to except TE s and RB s Fitz opens a window downfield, sounds like U havent saw many games (Chiefs) put our QB against anybody 29 yrs of season tickets have been to many away games. Put down Ur SI. mag check them in person

  • Clint Heinson

    Rich, Pulling for Ur Jets, If Shannahan doesnt go to Niners, He s a good fit

  • Rich

    Jets fan here – we’ll take him!!

  • Clint Heinson

    Fitzgerald needs to come to KC they will pay him and crowd will treat him like he deserves….

    • AngryTick

      Crowd will treat him like he deserves?? LOL… Arizona loves Fitz. Why would he come to a place where they don’t know how to throw to WR’s?

      • Clint Heinson

        Fans there are 1/2 as loud as in KC plus we wont hang him “out to dry” its obvious U ve never been to that stadium

        • AngryTick

          Half as loud.. You KC fans need to get over yourself. KC has a great following. So do many other teams and stadium. Seattle, Denver, Green Bay… To name a few. Loud doesn’t keep players around. Fan support and money will. KC has absolutely NO QB. Do you think Larry would like to see his numbers DROP even more in KC. LOL!! KC is not a good destination for any free agent WR. Sorry… You need to take your Red Sunglasses off and see the truth.

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