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Jaguars Will Allow RB Maurice Jones-Drew To Test The Open Market


Jaguars GM David Caldwell told reporters on Monday that he doesn’t envision signing RB Maurice Jones-Drew to a contract extension before free agency, per John Oehser.

Caldwell added that Jones-Drew has earned the right to test the open market.

Reports from Monday indicated that Jones-Drew is seeking long-term deal and there has been at least some optimism that he could return Jacksonville next year. However, Caldwell’s unwillingness to discuss an extension now suggests that the odds of him getting that kind of contract from the Jaguars are slim.

Jones-Drew, 29, will have a hard time securing a big deal given his age, mileage and the recent contracts signed by players over 29 years of age.

We have him listed as the No. 44 player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.


Mark Long reports that “early indications” are that Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew is seeking a long-term contract and is not interested in playing for a two-year, incentive-laden deal.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times Union mentioned last week that Jones-Drew may have to accept a deal similar to the one signed by Falcons RB Steven Jackson last offseason — three-years, $12 million deal and $4 million guaranteed.

pixy Jaguars Will Allow RB Maurice Jones-Drew To Test The Open Market

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Beelzebub Johnson
Beelzebub Johnson

Being a Jags fan I would love to see MJD back in teal. That being said, it makes little sense for Caldwell to blow the cap space on a long term deal for MJD. Expect a younger/cheaper FA to be procured who still has legs and 4 years of play left in his tank. He may even surprise people by picking up a Rd 4 or 5 RB in the draft. Who knows? What is most likely though, is whoever is carrying the rock in ’14 will be a value for the money.


Cut him loose. It is time to move on with a younger healthier back who will be a true team player.


Jax doesn’t deserve mjd. Sucks he wasted so much talent with such a joke of a team. He could have been great.


He seemed like a “team player” to me. The guy was awesome and unfortunately was drafted into the wrong team. The Jaguars have flopped through every draft, yet somehow honed in on a second-round gem and got it right. Sucks for Jones-Drew. He was being looked at by the Colts in the draft. He wouldn’t have gotten the spot-light like he did in Jacksonville though. The grass is typically always greener. Would-of? Could-of? At least he won some S.Bowls in Madden. No matter how you look at it, the kid has had a great life thus far.

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