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Report: NFL Sets 2013 Salary Cap At $123 Million

Ian Rapoport reports that sources have informed him that the NFL has set the 2013 salary cap at $123 million.

Last year’s cap was set at $120.6 million, so there’s a slight increase for teams to work with this offseason.

Chris Mortensen reports his sources have told him that the cap figure will be $123.9 million.

Mortensen mentions that the $900,000 comes from the “minimum salary benefits” per team.

The salary cap is only expected to grow slightly, despite the huge amount of money that the NFL has generated in recent years. This has more to do with the recent CBA agreement, as more money will be directed towards the cap when the league’s new television contracts kicks in sometime in the next few years.

Hopefully, we’ll get some updated cap figures for each team in the next few days.

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