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Report: No Tag For Vincent Jackson

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Chargers are “almost certain” pass on applying their franchise tag to WR Vincent Jackson before tomorrow’s 4pm EST deadline.

Acee does mention that GM A.J. Smith “could pull a reversal around 12:50 p.m” but sees that as an unrealistic scenario.

It’s believed that Jackson would offer the Chargers a discounted price tag to stay in San Diego but given that the market for his services could offer him close to $12.5 million per season, even a discounted salary could be too much for team to take on given the number of positions that they’ll have to address.

Acee mentions that San Diego will most likely allow Jackson to test the market and then counter whatever he receives.

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Come to Chicago Jackson. 


Bucs are going to take V-Jax here’s why 1. they have the money 2. they need a reciever and 3. if you got a guy like v-jax chilling in free agency your not going to pass on him. so sorry NFL Mr. Jackson will probably be a tampa bay buccaneer if san diego decides to let him walk. maybe all your guys teams can get him if they don’t mind being broke and dropping some star players :p


Chicago Bears: 1. They have the money. 2. They need a receiver. 3. The Chicago Bears is a much more attractable team then the lowly Buccaneers. Sorry, but V-Jax wont be going to Tampa Bay.


Welcome to Chicago, Mr. Jackson.


Welcome to St. Louis, Mr. Jackson.

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