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Report: Packers Timetable For Aaron Rodgers Is 4-6 Weeks


Mike Garafolo reports that the Packers expect Aaron Rodgers‘ timetable to be close to 4-6 weeks.

Green Bay plays the Lions in Week 13, but because this falls on Thanksgiving, Rodgers will only have three and half weeks to recover from a fractured collarbone.

The Packers could always sit him depending on how things go with Seneca Wallace in the next few weeks and have Rodgers return for their game against the Falcons in Week 14. This is of course assuming that Rodgers is able to return closer to four weeks as opposed to six.


Packers QB Aaron Rodgers confirmed in an interview with Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin that he does in fact have a broken collarbone.

  • Rodgers added that he and the team have not discussed a timetable.

“It was considerably more pain than I’ve felt in a long time,” said Rodgers. “I wasn’t able to throw like I wanted to.”

Rodgers added that he is in “some pain” and is disappointed with what happened last night with both the injury, as well as the lose.

“It’s a difficult injury because there’s not a specific type of rehab you can do. …Can do a massage and stem to get you back quicker. Have to wait for the bone to heal. That’s going to be frustrating part. Have been a quick healer in the past. Hope this is on the short end of the prognosis.


Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com reports that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers does in fact have a broken collarbone.

  • A Packers source added that “it’s going to be a little while.”
  • Ed Werder reports that Rodgers won’t require surgery on his fractured collarbone.
  • Rodgers expects to allow the injury to heal and get treatment in the coming weeks with the hope of playing again during the regular season.

Previous reports indicated that Rodgers could be out three to four weeks, but we are still awaiting a timetable from the team.

Demovsky reported earlier in the day that the Packers are unlikely to claim to QB Matt Flynn off of waivers due to concerns regarding his arm issues.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers could miss close to three weeks will what is believed to be a small fracture his collarbone.

  • Schefter adds that Green Bay is still awaiting further tests results before offering a definitive diagnosis and timetable.

Ed Werder reported earlier in the day that a Packers sourced informed him that Rodgers’ injury “doesn’t look good.

  • Werder’s source added that Rodgers could possibly miss the remainder of the regular season.

Rodgers will undergo further testing on Tuesday, but there was reportedly significant swelling that prevented team doctors from determining the severity of his injury.

Green Bay could be forced to turn to Seneca Wallace until at least Week 13. HC Mike McCarthy appears to be optimistic about Wallace moving forward, despite a poor performance against Chicago, but it’s really hard to fully evaluate a quarterback’s performance when he’s thrust into a starting role after seeing almost no reps during practice.

The Packers could always claim Matt Flynn off of waivers if they wanted to add more depth beyond Scott Tolzien, but there’s no guarantee of this happening.

We’ll have more regarding Rodgers and possible additions as the news is available.

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