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Report: Patriots Expected To Move Quickly With Jimmy Garoppolo Trade This Offseason

Jason Cole of B/R reports that Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo could be the most attractive quarterback option available this offseason. However, Cole says that New England will likely move quickly to trade him once the 2017 league year is underway in March.

According to Cole, even though there will be other quarterback options available such as Kirk Cousins, Jay Cutler and Tony Romo, the Patriots plan to maintain their leverage in trade talks, which explains why they may be willing to make a move sooner than later in regards to Garoppolo.

Yesterday, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the Browns’ interest in Garoppolo “is real” and they’ll attempt to trade for him, depending on how their evaluations of this year’s draft prospects go in the coming weeks.

Cabot expects Cleveland to have competition for Garoppolo, possibly from Kyle Shanahan, who is expected to be hired as the 49ers’ head coach in the coming days. Even so, Cabot’s sources say that they Browns are “intrigued” by Garoppolo and will strongly consider pursuing a trade for him.

Last we heard about Garoppoo, Mike Freeman of B/R reported that the Patriots are open to trading him, but they continue to ask for a first-round pick in return for Garoppolo.

Freeman’s source explained that the Patriots are willing to be patient in regards to moving Garoppolo and wait until someone either offers them the first-round pick they’re reportedly seeking or a package of picks that they deem to be suitable.

A few weeks ago, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media mentioned that the Patriots will listen to trade offers for Garoppolo but there’s no guarantee he’ll be traded to the top bidder.

“The Patriots are open to trading Jimmy Garoppolo and they are going to listen to all offers, as they have over the last couple years for Garoppolo — and they have gotten a couple inquiries,” Rapoport said. “But from what I am being told there are several complicating factors: First of all, the price tag, expected to be at least a first-round pick — just based off the quarterback market. Will anyone give them that? Second of all, are the Patriots really comfortable going forward with Jacoby Brissett as their backup quarterback in case Tom Brady gets hurt? That might be the biggest question of all.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN (NFLTR) previously mentioned that the starting point for a potential Garoppolo trade would likely consist of a first- and a fourth-round pick, which is what the Eagles got for Sam Bradford from the Vikings at the start of the season.

The Texans have also been tossed out as a team to watch for Garoppolo this offseason. (NFLTR)

Garoppolo, 25, is a former second-round pick of the Patriots back in 2014. He’s currently in the third year of his four-year, $3,483,898 rookie contract and stands to make a base salary of $686,718 for the 2016 season.

Next year, Garoppolo has a base salary of $820,077 to go along with a $75,000 workout bonus.

In 2016, Garoppolo has completed 68.3 percent of his passes for 502 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions for the Patriots over the course of six games.

We’ll have more regarding a potential Garoppolo trade as the news is available.

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