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Report: Patriots Haven’t Discussed A New Contract With WR Julian Edelman

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots have yet to approach free agent WR Julian Edelman regarding a contract extension.

As of now, locking up CB Aqib Talib to a long-term contract appears to be the Patriots’ focus. However, it would seem reasonable for them to speak to Edelman and his representatives in the coming weeks to see what his asking price is.

Edelman could be in for a decent market after being forced to sign a one-year contract that included a base salary of just $715,000. Some have mentioned that he could command a similar contract to that of fellow Patriots Danny Amendola who signed a five-year, $28.5 million contract that included $10 million guaranteed this offseason.

We have him listed as the No. 36 player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.


  • MikeInMaine

    I never believe ANY of these reports… as Bill is the Darth Vader of NFL coaches; and reviled for not ever giving anyone on the planet a hint of what he’s doing. This reporter CAN’T know of any discussions anyway!! It’s all stuck in the vault as always. IF nothing is being done yet it could VERY well be that they may also be waiting to see how much money they have to spend. And they could be keeping Julian 110% abreast of everything!! And asking him to be patient. The Hernandez situation; (if he is found guilty) is HUGE!!! And they could be in talks with Big Vince, Mankins, and many others beforehand so they can renegotiate their deals, and who knows; perhaps a trade between Mallet and Hoyer or Cassel… in order to scrounge up some extra money! But I do hope like hell that they re-sign Edelman.

  • James Page

    Obviously the Patriots’ system has been very successful. And I know they usually assign players a certain “value” and won’t pay more than that. But sometimes you have to make exceptions for exceptional players. Especially someone like Edelman, who gives it his all on every play, and is fearless catching passes in the middle of the field where some of the most dangerous hits occur. You’re also not going to make Brady very happy by letting go of yet another of his go to guys so you can save a few dollars. The Patriots are now second only to Dallas in NFL team net worth, so I think they can pay Edelman.

    • MikeInMaine

      Obviously… you have no idea what you’re yapping about, and you don’t know how things work. Team worth has ZERO, NOTHING to do with how much they can pay him or anyone else. ALL teams are ALLOTTED (equally = the same) an amount that they get to shell out each year. Transactions that have been made in the past dictate how much money is left over for this coming season. The only thing the Pats can do to increase the amount is to let some players go or try to get some to restructure their contracts, or hopefilly recapture some or all of their committed money; for instance, to Hernandez – IF he is found guilty. They can’t just give Edelman what he wants, even if they’d love to.

      • James Page

        That’s funny because the words I used basically came out of Belichick’s mouth about putting monetary values on positions and basically sticking to those values unless you are talking about an exceptional player. I understand the salary cap just fine, but as you said there are things that can be done to make some room. If they can get people like Brady to restructure his contract,as they have in the past,then I’m sure they can move some money/contracts around to make room for their most productive receiver last year.We’re not talking about breaking the bank here, just being fair. I didn’t sat to just “give Edelman what he wants”, but the offer currently on the table is insufficient to say the least,especially if you compare his production and salary to other comparable WRs in the league. That’s all I was saying. So maybe you don’t know as much as you think, genius.

  • Scooter Livingston

    Get Edelman, Talib and Blount re-signed. Trade Mallett to Houston for their second-rounder. Bring back Brian Hoyer.

  • mcobruinsfan

    Please, don’t put us through this cr*p again. Sign him yesterday !

  • Cheryl Thibeault

    sign him now! he deserves what amandola was offered.

  • Daniel Hayward

    Well, Amandola didn’t exactly suck, but he sure didn’t even come close to earning his money. If the Pats let Edelman walk they’re making a bigger mistake than they did when they let Manning have Welker. This guy gives it his all, every play.

    • lvgem53

      I agree. Big mistake if they let Edelman go.

    • MikeInMaine

      You can’t “earn your money” if you get hurt, genius. And ANY player can get hurt. Edelman had a HORRID history of getting hurt in the past. Gronk does. Don’t be stupid with that idiotic argument about DA being “accident prone”. There is no such thing. Stupid people just can’t grasp this. And DA is a BETTER pure receiver talent than Julian. (And I LOVE them both) I believe Julian may be worth an equal amount of money because he is SO FREAKIN AMAZING as a kick returner (though DA is fab at that as well), AND as a DB!!! But DA is bigger, faster, has better hands (look at his stats for drop rate AND the difficulty of so many of his crazy circus catches over his career), and can actually play ANYWHERE on the route ‘tree’. Edelman just has the HUGE advantage of having been on the team for many years, which allowed him to learn the whole offense and his QB’s tendencies/ wants/ etc.. — And letting Manning have Welker got them where?? Stop regurgitating dumb (and already discredited) misnomers. Our slot receiver position did NOT suffer AT ALL last year. And Wes did just about NOTHING against us in TWO games, nor did he have any impact against any other team down the stretch. Wes was offered pretty much EXACTLY what he was worth. The Pats tried to keep him on. He and his agent got GREEDY. PERIOD.

  • oreally

    what the hell is the holdup? he was the best on the team last year. they gave amandola the money and he sucked.

    • MikeInMaine

      Wow. You are seriously stupid. Amendola is a BETTER overall receiver than Edelman. Just not immediately, and after sustaining a serious injury, you brainless twerp.

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