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Report: Peyton Manning Will Meet With Larry Fitzgerald During The Week


Tom James of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star reports that Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald is expected to have dinner with Peyton Manning at some point during the week. Manning has been linked to a number of team’s as of late but the Cardinals are really starting to pick up some momentum in recent weeks.

Yesterday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter was adamant that Arizona would be one of the top options if and when Manning becomes available. Obviously, Manning’s health is the issue of concern but if healthy the Cardinals could be looking to recreate another situation similar to the Super Bowl team that was led by Kurt Warner.

Fitzgerald has been lobbying for a new quarterback every season but when you look at the guys that he’s had throwing him the ball, it’s hard to argue with his actions. The Cardinals would still have to decide to cut Kevin Kolb who has a $7 million option bonus that will be due on March 17th. The good news here is that Manning will know his fate with the Colts by March 8th leaving Arizona a little over a week to make a decision regarding Kolb.

Do you see Arizona as Manning’s best option?



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Ron Rupert

Manning will never be the same qb when he does return, and he is not mobile, but on the
other side of the ball, as a niner fan if goes to Arizona that will benefit the niners because
the defense will put him on the ground.


yes i see a really good chance that manning will be playing for Arizona. cause God knows we need a really good QB after Warner stop playing NFL 

Mike Fiegel
That would be an interesting spot for Peyton to end up.. But I can’t see the Cardinals cutting Kevin Kolb and giving the job to Peyton!  Kolb may have had a bad year, but he had no training camp to work with the team, get used to the playbook, get used to teammates, Kolb did it all on the fly this year. Plus he was injured for a portion of that..  It would be in the Cardinals interest to keep Kolb..  The JUST I get from this article is that Fitzy himself could be at wits end with the cardinals… Read more »
NFL Trade Rumors
Good point about Fitzgerald possibly being frustrated with the Cardinals organization. It’s to bad he just signed a huge deal that will keep him in Arizona for the next seven years. Kolb wasn’t given the best opportunity to succeed this season. Arizona needs a better offensive line which is something that Mike pointed out and they’re without a legitimate #2 receiver. Bringing in Manning isn’t going to get them back in playoffs unless they’re able to upgrades at some of the other positions. Fitz would be a great addition for the Vikings but I couldn’t imagine what they would have… Read more »
Mike Fiegel

Yeah I forgot that the Cardinals locked up Larry, PLEASE no more Herschel Walker deals!!!!!!! Ha Ha..    Ponder could sit and learn from the best in Peyton Manning though..   
I’m not opposed to young QB’s sitting and learning playbooks and situations.    
Besides my vikes biased opinions, Peyton could end up somewhere like Seattle, or Tennesee????  I know the Titans just drafted Locker but same applies as Ponder.   Dallas is another team that could be looking, if they decide to keep Romo!

Mikey Roederer
Arizona is an interesting landing spot, but how good is the line? Can they protect him enough? I envision SF cutting ties with Alex Smith and making a hard push for Peyton, or what about Denver, they need a QB..Either one has a good solid defense that could really make an instant contender with him added. Also what about the ultimate slap in the face and he goes to Houston, I don’t know how many years Shaub has left, but they could could trade him off if it meant getting some one of his caliber. I guess I really see… Read more »
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