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Redskins Officially Re-Sign S Brandon Meriweather





Dianna Russini of NBC Washington reports that the Redskins have agreed to a one-year deal with veteran S Brandon Meriweather.

  • Russini adds that Meriweather will receive a one-year deal worth $1 million next season.
  • John Keim of ESPN.com has confirmed the report.

There was some talk that Meriweather could be back with the Redskins next year, despite reports that the team was in talks with veteran S Ryan Clark in recent days. Clark’s asking price was reportedly more than Washington was willing to pay for a player of his age.

Meriweather, 30, appeared in 13 games last season and totaled 69 tackles, one sack, two interceptions, a forced fumble and a recovery.


  • jdouble777

    I’m done with this franchise

    • Raul

      Sweet, won’t miss you.

      • jdouble777

        Which sadly is the problem. Our fans truly do not care. I, like everyone else, persist to buy merchandise (own Orakpo, RGIII, Kerrigan, Green Mitch & Ness, Sean Taylor Pro Bowl, Fletcher, etc. jerseys) and tickets (only made it to the Lions last year) despite the nonsense that has perpetuated since I had sense enough to understand, more or less when Cook died. Born in ’82, so the time in which the thought of playing our defense struck fear in opponents and as Green put it last season there was a Skins Way I have little recollection of. Shuler, Westbrook, Zorn trading down to grab three busts nobody wanted in the 2nd, trading a decade of Bailey for a few years of Portis (love the guy, don’t get me wrong but…), Brunell (greatest comeback against Cowboys no less but still average at best), billion dollars to Haynesworth, Josh moron Morgan, and honestly…the worst of it all….stupid freaking Haslett. Seriously, go to profootball stats and look at the guy’s coaching career, it has a table right out the gate that shows his team’s rankings, his defense have NEVER been Top 20 in over 10 years or trying. Then, of course, we don’t get Verner who was a steal, Rodgers-Cromartie, Whitner (another steal), and so on. We sign a horrible guard to too much money, Roberts to watch him bust after he already has (kick returners are easily located), and even target a career special team LB??? Hatcher was nice, Hall I like more than most, keeping Riley despite his brutal run stopping abilities was fine at the price, but come on…. This secondary is could to be just as hard to watch, period, despite 30M. James Jones would have been the #2 we needed, despite a rough year he is good enough. Hell, give me Lance Moore, poor man’s Golden Tate, something! Penn? Polumbus was actually freaking awesome last year and Pro Football Focus’s ratings agree wholeheartedly. Griff sucked because of having no weapons, not the line. Grab Jones, Moore, and LaFell and watch him shred. The line will be good again, Alfie will do his thing, Griff will put up 20+/game and the defense will again be 30ish leading us to this exact same conversation this moment one year from now. With Spikes just signing there is not a single ILB left, only Clemons remains at safety, there are zero corners left…. Munnerlyin was awesome last year, I mean come on! Meanwhile the Packers get Peppers, Broncos get Ware, Pats get Revis, etc. etc. etc.

        • Ken Stevens

          I agree with you people say it’s good the Skins are just spending wisely, but how is 8 mil a year for a mediocre at best G and 3 mil a year for Porter wise? I think Roberts will produce well and will prove to be a good p/u but there are supposed to be good slot WRs available on day 3 of the draft. The thing is our BIGGEST single need was FS and it’s a weak draft year for FS. So many quality DBs available and we get NONE. Maybe would have had to pay a premium cause of our terrible management for 2 decades, but if we can overpay millions for an average G and a failed CB, why not do so for really good players?

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