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Raiders & 49ers Teams To Watch For RB Ryan Mathews


Ian Rapoport reports that the Raiders and 49ers are both teams to watch for free agent RB Ryan Mathews, depending on what happens with the Eagles.

  • Rapoport previously mentioned that the Raiders have always been high on Mathews.

This comes after the news that he has yet to sign his contract with the Eagles, who are close to finalizing an agreement with RB DeMarco Murray.

The Raiders signed Roy Helu to a contract a few days ago and have Latavius Murray on their roster, but there at least a chance that they could reach out Mathews depending on what happens with the Eagles in the coming days.

San Francisco lost Frank Gore to the Colts, which means they could use a better counterpart to Carlos Hyde.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Ryan Mathews agreed to a deal with the Eagles, but hasn’t officially signed a contract with the team.

  • According to Schefter, the question is whether he’s willing to sign with Philadelphia if/when the Eagles sign DeMarco Murray.

Previous reports had said that Mathews was prepared to sign a three-year, $12 million deal with the Eagles, but it sounds like things could be on hold until there is a resolution in regards to the Murray situation.

Mathews, 27,  played out his four-year, $18.92 million rookie contract with the Chargers, which included $4,231,000 guaranteed.

In 2014, Mathews was limited to appearing in just six games due to injury. He ran for 330 yards on 74 carries (4.5 YPC) to go along with nine receptions for 69 yards receiving and three total touchdowns.

We have him listed as the No. 44 player in our Top 100 Free Agents list.

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Geez, I hope that Reggie knows what he’s doing. The message is simple, win a butt-load of games this 2015 season or work elsewhere. We have missed a couple of shut-down corners (that we need badly and AL always made sure were position-tight). I am getting it that most do not wish to get an infection from playing in the Oakland Toilet Bowl (just put a lid on it…) and that California taxes put us at such a HUGE disadvantage that many prospects won’t even bother talking to us. We nearly have to overpay to cover the tax difference. Maybe… Read more »
Christos Anagnos

The Raiders have DMac who gives his heart and soul for the team , with the new coaching staff and better play calling DMac could be very important for the Raiders this season , evaluate at the end of the year his value to the team … Bring the man back .
The must signing right now is HARDY …. Get him signed , and the Raiders will kick ass … No one will be able to move the ball against us …. We will be solid in every position on Defense ………….

Gene St Onge

Either get DeMarco or save your money for others, even if they are second tier. What we have already is just fine without Matthews.

Greyson Knight

If Mathews signs with Oak it should be strictly for depth. Murray/Helu = 1 & 2. Hopefully RM isn’t wasting his time on this when he should be looking at Safeties and defensive ends.

James Frazier

Matthews is a poor man’s McFadden


Go after Foster from the Ravens. Mathews is injury prone.

Torey P.

Honestly I would rather draft a RB like Todd Gurley then bring in Ryan Matthews, there is no difference between he and Darren McFadden


Yep, that’s all we need is this injury prone Choker reject.



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