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Nnamdi Asomugha Likely To Compete With Carlos Rogers If Signed By The 49ers


Matt Maiocco of the CSN Bay Area tweets that free agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha would most likely compete with Carlos Rogers for the starting job if signed by San Francisco.

Recent reports have indicated that Asomugha is still considering the Saints as well. There’s a chance that they New Orleans would be able to offer him more playing time and the familiarity of playing in Rob Ryan’s defensive system.

We have Nnamdi listed as the No. 10 player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.


Ian Rapoport tweets that the New Orleans Saints are “pushing really hard” to sign free agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha.

Rapoport adds that Asomugha is reportedly “torn” between the Saints and 49ers at this point in time.

A previous indicated that the 49ers are unwilling to offer him a starting job before training camp. Given the Saints level of interest and the likelihood that they could offer him a starting job, it would appear that they’re the favorites to sign Asomugha.

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Let Nnamdi play for the Saints!!!!!!!! Who Care’s!!! There are a lot of younger talented Players coming out of college in this years Draft. We signed a Veteran like Moss and did what Nothing!!! Nnumbnuts did nothing for the Eagles!!!!


Saints would probably pay him more too … and Nnamdi has a track record of liking money …

Christopher Oncale

I’m a die hard Saints fan, and our cornerbacks suck, so I don’t care if we just give him the starting position. Bring your ASSEMWAHHHH here to New Orleans.

Sam Finau

A real football player earns the position,Nmandi , come to a real team, make the smart choice, be a Niner

J Makey

The smart choice?


Yes, The dumb choice would be to go to the Saints, Who the 49ers beat 2 years in a row. LoL

J Makey

When’s the last time the Niners won the Superbowl? You SF fans are hilarious, your team blows for 11 years straight, now with 2 good seasons all of the sudden Niners fans are out in full force. Get at em fair-weather!

Richard Truong

the 49ers want him to earn the CB starting job not be given it.


would be great in a saints uniform

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