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Report: “Several Teams” Don’t View Teddy Bridgwater As A First Round Pick

Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network has spoken with “several teams” that do not view Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater as a first-round talent.

Throughout much of the collegiate season, Bridgewater was viewed as a sure-fire first-round pick, with a real shot at No. 1 overall.  Bridgewater led the Cardinals to a 12-1 record, and a 36-9 thrashing of the University of Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl.

Meanwhile, Matt Miller of the Bleacher Report has also spoken with scouts that have concerns regarding Bridgewater’s footwork and lower body

Many believe that Bridgewater is still a viable option at pick number one, held by the Houston Texans.  Houston has an obvious need at quarterback, but it is apparent that some of the other quarterback prospects are quickly gaining momentum.

Today, Mel Kiper Jr. (Insider) issued his first mock draft of the year.  He slotted Johnny Manziel to the Texans at pick number one, and dropped Bridgewater to number eight, held by the Minnesota Vikings.

We have Bridgewater currently listed as the No. 3 player in our recently updated 2014 Big Board.

pixy Report: "Several Teams" Don't View Teddy Bridgwater As A First Round Pick

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Zack Selzman

He scored a 20 on the wonderlic and the average score is 24.. whoop de doo.


Just watch his stock fall after his Wonderlic…


If they pass on him,I hope he make the team with the first pick pay for the next ten years they play each other! IJS


This smoke is thick…cough…cough


You all are kidding me, not even a Louisville fan just someone who has watched a lot of college ball and if you don’t think Bridgewater has what it takes then you are crazy. That guy has impressed me time and time again with the accuracy of his throws and awareness in the pocket, and his line was not good at all.

Cleve E

Classic predraft smokescreen! Not 1st rd??? GTfoh he won’t last past the browns pick this is just a pump fake to hold the safety happens every year.

James Coughlin

Never seen anything in Bridgewaters game to show me hes worthy of a first round pick. Very overrated prospect. Would not spend a 1st rounder on this kid.
1. Manziel
2. Bortles
3. McCarron


Yeah right there all good and have a lot of potential but If ones a sure future quarterback it’s Bridgewater or Bortles. I love watching Manziel play he’s an amazing player but he might not work out.


No way Bortles should go before Bridgewater. If any QB should go first is Manziel


That is absolutely ridiculous. Bortles is only one who might/should go before him. Misinformation at it’s finest.

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