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Report: Vikings Will Attempt To Trade WR Percy Harvin

According to Mike Max of WCCO, the Minnesota Vikings will try to work out a trade for WR Percy Harvin  at some point during the offseason.

“Multiple sources” have informed Max that Minnesota’s decision to place Harvin on season-ending injured reserve stems from a “blowup” he had with head coach Leslie Frazier.

Minnesota announced that the move was made because of ankle injury that Harvin was dealing with, but Max’s sources say otherwise. The Vikings are reportedly tying to quell such behavior from happening again and the report adds that Harvin’s teammates were “disappointed” in his actions.

There’s been talk dating back to last offseason that Harvin could be available given that he’s entering the final year of his deal and has had numerous issues with Vikings in recent years. If this is indeed the case, it probably makes sense to see what they can get for him now versus dealing with issues that could come from applying the franchise tag to him next year.

By then, his trade value would be less that it currently is, considering that he’ll require a long-term contract on top of the draft pick compensation. Trading for Harvin now assures teams that they’ll have him in under contract for a very reasonable $2.9 million salary in 2013, while affording them the ability work on a contract extension before the start of the season.

A personnel man that Tom Pelissaro spoke with back in December mentioned that Harvin could be had for a second- or third-round draft pick.

Harvin has some concerns, but that would be fairly low compensation for a true game-changing talent.

We’ll have to see what comes of this situation, but there’s at least a decent enough chance Harvin could be playing elsewhere in the coming months.


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It’s still up in the air what they could actually get for him. Given his personal issues, the vikings might not get back as much as he is probably worth.

Bobby Myers

Steelers definitely need to be aggressive toward getting Harvin. Mainly, because we are probably going to lose Wallace. What a great compliment that would be toward our offense. That way they can alternate on punt & kickoff returns between them both.. Not only would it give our offense a spark, but also special teams… Which by the way sucked last season..


if the viking were to trade one of the best offensive and special team talents for a second or third round pick it would be one of the most bone-headed moves that they have ever made

Mark Gretz

Trent please look into this matter ASAP and get back to me???

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