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Retirement Could Be An Option For Eagles QB Sam Bradford?

Reuben Frank mentioned last night on CSN Philly that believes Eagles QB Sam Bradford will ultimately retire.

“I think he’s gonna retire, honestly,” Frank said of Bradford, via “The guy’s made what, what did we say, $95-$100 million.

Easy come, easy go. I think he’s gonna retire. I think he’s had enough. I don’t think he wants to be here. Honestly, I don’t think anybody else wants him. Maybe you get a 3 or 4, but I doubt it. I think it’s done. I think it’s over with. I think Chase Daniel starts your season, plays five or six games, whatever Doug Pederson played,  I think it’s seven. And then Carson Wentz comes in and he’s your quarterback for the next 10 years. And this time next year, we’re sitting here saying, “Sam who?

Mike Florio points out that Bradford would immediately forfeit the $11 million signing bonus he received as part of his new contract with the Eagles.

Even so, Florio writes that retirement could still be an appealing option for Bradford if he’s able to pull off a Carson Palmer-like move that leads to him being traded to another team.

Bradford has formally requested a trade out of Philadelphia now that they’ve brought in No. 2 overall pick Carson Wentz. However, the Eagles have said that they have no plans to trade him, and instead expect him to show up for offseason workouts.

The Eagles would likely be willing to trade him for the right deal, but teams have addressed the quarterback position outside of the Jets, who are trying to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, so even if Bradford is available, it’s unlikely Philadelphia would get much in return for him.

Bradford has made plenty of money over the course of his NFL career and could afford to pass on the $11 million signings bonus in the hope of securing a better opportunity down the road.

Bradford, 28, signed a two-year, $36 million contract that included $26 million guaranteed with the Eagles over a month ago. He stands to make base salaries of $7 million and $13 million over the next two years.

According to, trading would free up just $1.5 million in available cap space while creating a staggering $11 million in dead money.

In 2015, Bradford appeared in 14 games for the Eagles and threw for 3,725 yards while completing 65 percent of his passes to go along with 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

We’ll have more regarding Bradford and his future as the news is available.

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