RG3 Looks Impressive At First Full Team OTAs

After attending the Redskins first practice with all the veterans, Don Banks of SI writes that Robert Griffin III, although sailing a few balls, looked sharp especially while rolling out of the pocket.

Banks notes that Griffin did look a little bit uncomfortable when attempting throws from the pocket, but the practice was full of bootlegs and rollouts, which is where Griffin shined.  Banks goes on to highlight, “If Griffin took even one snap in the shot-gun formation on Monday, I missed it. It’s clear the Redskins want to get him as much work under center as possible, after Baylor used him almost exclusively in the gun.”

It’s still early, but these are great signs for a team that has entered many OTAs and training camps in the past without much hope in the quarterback position.  Time will tell if all of RG3’s athletic hype will translate into wins during the season.

pixy RG3 Looks Impressive At First Full Team OTAs

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