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Griffin III joined ESPN Radio on Wednesday and mentioned that he’ll measure at least 6-foot-2 and possibly taller at this year’s Scouting Combine.

I’m gonna say 6’2″ or over,” said RG3. “But … I don’t think it’ll matter if I’m taller than 6’2″ or not. The game film speaks for itself.”

These are the type of things that become big headlines at the Combine each year. I’m a supporter of the process because it gives NFL teams a better understanding of the skill set that these players have heading into the draft and an opportunity to talk to them one-on-one. But issues like this aren’t exactly worth the trouble. If you don’t think Griffin is good enough to throw the ball then take someone else but no one is going to pass on this guy if he measures 6-1.



Browns OC Brad Childress mentioned that he’s not worried about the concerns that Baylor QB Robert Griffin III may not be an optimal fit for a West Coast offense, per Scott Petrak.

Don’t think you hesitate if think he’s guy you’re looking for,” said Childress.

It’s been pretty hard to gauge the team’s interest in possibly moving up for this year’s Heisman Trophy winner but head coach Pat Shurmur recently mentioned that they haven’t given up on Colt McCoy just yet. Still, the Browns will do their due diligence on RGIII at this year’s Combine.


Draft Options

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that “some scouts” see Griffin as a better passer than Cam Newton. Schefter also mentions that Griffin will most likely be the No. 2 overall pick and sees the Browns, Redskins, or Dolphins as the teams likely to move up for him.

This really isn’t that surprising considering that a number of NFL scouts questioned Newton’s accuracy coming out college. The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock is one of the people that believe that Griffin is a “more natural thrower of the football” than Newton.

As for the team’s willing to move up for Griffin that Schefter mentioned, these are really the only team’s that could pull of the deal because of where they are in the draft slotting. Cleveland has two first-round picks this year and a 2013 first-rounder to play with so they would have to be considered the favorite from that standpoint. Washington is said to have a lot of interested in Peyton Manning but there’s no guarantee that he shares their interest, in which case, the Redskins could make an aggressive move up for RGIII. Miami is pretty far back so you would have to think that they would only be an option if the Browns and Redskins weren’t willing to come close to the Rams asking price at #2.

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