Roger Goodell “Furious” About Owners Wanting An Incentive-Based Deal

Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta, Jr. of ESPN report that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is “furious” about owners including Jerry Jones insistence that his next contract be more performance-based than his prior deal.

The NFL owners would like to include incentives in his next agreement that would allow him to be paid at roughly the same level of his current deal.

He feels as if the owners have made a lot of money and he should be compensated accordingly,” a source tells ESPN. “The incentives thing really angers him.

In total, Goodell has earned over $200 million since he was elected commissioner in August 2006, which includes a staggering $44 million in 2014 and another $34 million in 2015.

NFL owners authorized the compensation committee to work on a new contract this past May. However, Jones has been leading a push against the current deal, and reportedly wants to see it more incentive-based this time around.

There are concerns from owners about Goodell’s handling of a number of issues the league is currently facing including his handling of the player protests staged during the national anthem, Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, the relocation of two teams to Los Angeles, and TV ratings among other things.

“Most owners would admit that Roger has done a terrible job handling the anthem controversy and a terrible job explaining the [TV] ratings declines, a terrible job on any number of other issues,” a long-time team executive tells ESPN.

Goodell was expected to sign a new five-year extension that would keep him in place as the commissioner through the 2024 season and extend his run to 19 years. However, there doesn’t appear to have been much progress made on the topic.

Goodell, 58, was hired as the NFL’s commissioner in 2006, replacing Paul Tagliabue. His contract was extended in 2009 and again in 2012.

During his first 10 years as commissioner, Goodell earned $212.5 million including nearly $32 million in the 2015 fiscal year.

We’ll have more regarding Goodell as the news is available.

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