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Saints Will Allow Carl Nicks To Leave

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Saints G Carl Nicks is “expected to leave” New Orleans in the coming weeks.

Nicks will be a free agent during the offseason but considering the number of big name free agents that the Saints will have to address, Nicks appears to be the player Saints are willing to let go. The real key to the Saints offseason will be QB Drew Brees who will most likely get a huge contract but any money that the Saints can save on him will help them retain some of their weapons.

We have Nicks listed as the #2 best available free agent our Top 50 Free Agents list. New Orleans also has #1 Drew Brees, #18 Marques Colston, as well as CB Tracy Porter, WR Robert Meachem and DT Aubrayo Franklin.


  • Acsdak

    Do you think that Chicago will make a play for Nicks during free agency?  Assuming that Matt Forte is taken care of for next year via franchise tag or long term deal, Carl Nicks should be the #1 priority in free agency for the Chicago Bears.  BTW, if Forte isn’t taken care of the new GM should join Jerry Angelo in the unemployment line.  Getting back to Nicks……he is a very young player that you could realistically get 5-7 years of top end production.  Chicago’s weak offensive line is immediately upgraded, especially when you ad a healthy Gabe Carimi and a whole offseason with Mike Tice into the mix.  Sure, the Bears have other needs, but none will make everyone else better the way that Nicks could.  Cutler gets protected (turns out that Chicago needs him to stay healthy) and more time to throw the ball, Forte has some more running lanes, Chicago’s mediocre WR corp will be more productive just due to the fact that Cutler will have time to get the ball to them and playing in a division with the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Discount Double Chokes, controlling the ball and time of possession keeps their offenses off the field………OK.  Did I convince you that Chicago needs Nicks needs to be their #1 FA target?  If so, please help me get into contact with the next GM for the Bears, I have plenty of other advise I am more than willing to give him.  

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      One of the first teams that I thought of when I heard that Nicks would be available was the Chicago Bears. You did a great job illustrating why it’s important to add a player Nicks to their offensive line. Young, quality player should take pressure off of the other players around him.

      Obviously, the Bears have to get someone better than Roy Williams this year and there plenty of great options at the position so there will be deals available. Investing in the o-line will payoff in more ways than one. Forte will have to be re-signed which could be another costly move. My only concern here is that the Bears would be stretching their payroll to the limits. This is fine if it gets you what you need to make a Super Bowl run but you don’t want to end up like the Steelers and Jets who will be forced to make serious cuts this offseason.

      Overall, I agree with you and I’ll be sure to forward this to the McCaskey’s.

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