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Seahawks Considering All Options At The QB Position

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post reports that sources close to the Seattle Seahawks have mentioned that they “wouldn’t be surprised” if Tarvaris Jackson wound up beating out Matt Flynn for the team’s starting quarterback position.

Seahawks GM John Schneider is very familiar with Flynn because of his time in Green Bay but Pompei specifically mentions that Jackson’s second-half performance could give him the edge in the competition for the starters job.

Even more interesting than that, Pompei’s source even mentioned that the Seahawks are still “looking at QBs in the draft.”

You would have to think that they’re not going to be targeting a quarterback at #12 overall, but there’s a chance that they could be looking at players in the second or third-rounds.

  • Jpassi

    thats the best i have herd
    makes the most sence
    i think Qb  in 3 maybe 4 th round
    most needs are pass rusher & line man to protect QB
    keep him standing up right
    Tjack is gd. & i am sure  mat is great  if they are standing / not on the turf
    glad whithurst is gone  he was just ok
    did we get our draft choice back ? SD
    or was he a gift

    • KCS1986

      Whitehurst was a free agent and left on his own………… Why would we get our draft picks back? And tjack is not good. A mediocre qb that is afraid to throw the deep ball will not win a lot of games for any organization.

      • Smoothjoker2003

        Whiteturd was horrible. T-Jack was better than “not good”. He was still only decent at best but I’ve seen alot worse. Jackson is good enough to take the Hawks into the playoffs but not good enough to win deep into the post season. Hell, if the Hawks had a running game for the 1st 5-6 games games last year, they could’ve stumbled upon a 9-7 record or looking way out probability,….. 10-6. Just saying.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      Whitehurst left via free agency but they could receive a late-round compensatory pick for him. Possibly a 6th or 7th round pick. That’s not close to the 2nd rounder that they sent the Chargers for him but it’s at least something.

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