Seahawks Facing Punishment For Violating Concussion Protocol With Russell Wilson

A source close to the situation tells Adam Schefter that the Seahawks did, in fact, violate the NFL’s concussion protocol Thursday night when they allowed QB Russell Wilson to re-enter their game against the Cardinals without going to the locker room and being cleared by a team doctor and an independent physician.

On Friday, the NFL announced that they are currently reviewing the matter for a possible violation of the league’s concussion policy.

According to Schefter, Seattle is expected to face consequences because an official removed Wilson from the game to be examined, which requires him to go through the protocol and he clearly did not.

Schefter’s source added that both the NFL and NFPA will jointly review the situation, interview members of the Seahawks early this week and then come to a decision within the next couple of weeks.

The Seahawks could face a fine of up to $150,000, but Schefter says that it remains to be seen what kind of punishment they’ll get for this situation.

Wilson took a shot to the chin from Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby during the third quarter of their 22-16 win. Wilson did not exhibit any obvious signs of a concussion, but he was still taken to the sidelines for a concussion test and replaced by Austin Davis.

We’ll have more regarding possible punishment for the Seahawks as the news is available.

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