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Seahawks Options At Quarterback

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback position has been hot topic as of late, mainly because they’re in a good position to sign a free agent.

Joe Theismann made an appearance on ESPN 710 Radio in Seattle made the case for keeping Tarvaris Jackson in place as the teams starting quarterback. Theismann’s reason for this is that the price it will take to add a solid option in the free agent market will be more costly and may not translate into the desired results.

ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck makes the case for signing Matt Flynn or trying to pry restricted free agent Brian Hoyer away from the New England Patriots.

He’s played extremely well in every single preseason game he’s played in. Because the Patriots have blown people out he’s played in the regular season and come in with a foot of snow on the ground and actually thrown the ball really well,” Hasselbeck said. “I find that to be impressive.”

I can understand why Hasselbeck would suggest Hoyer but the fact that he’s a restricted free agent makes it pretty difficult for the Seahawks as they would be forced to part with more assets than just dollars to land him. Flynn makes more sense if they’re looking to add a serious option in the free agent market. It still seems like the Seahawks will stick with Jackson for another season or at the very least give him a shot at winning the job outright.

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