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Seahawks & Pete Carroll Fined $300K For Offseason Rules Violation


Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Seahawks and HC Pete Carroll have been fined over $300,000 for violation of the offseason non-contact rules.

  • According to the report, Carroll’s fine is “at least” $100,000 and the Seahawks received a fine “in excess of $200,000.”
  • Mortensen adds that Seattle will be docked two 2015 minicamp practices after their June 16th OTA practice was deemed unsuitable based on the CBA rules.

Ian Rapoport reports that the NFL requested tapes from the Seahawks practices, which included a fight.

  • Rapoport adds that the Seahawks have already appealed the ruling and lost their case.
  • Mike Garafolo mentions that the league determined that the Seahawks coaching staff was encouraging the contact too much.

While the Seahawks signed NFLPA president Eric Winston to a contract a few months ago, he wasn’t with the team at the time of the incident.

There has been quite a bit made about the limitations placed on team practices following the new CBA agreement. Teams are not allowed to have physical contact between players during offseason workouts, and it appears as though the league is serious about cracking down on the issue.



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Anyone surprised with his sleazy rep coming out of college coaching?


this is complete and utter BS.

Sonny Neu

What about the other teams that seem to have the same thing go on are they going to get fined, etc as well? Even at a practice it can get intense, I don’t think they were meaning to go out and start fighting…seems to be the point of football and most sports in general and I do not think the coaching staff and other players just let it happen.


Was not about fighting. It was about contact rules being ignored in OTAs.

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