Seahawks Starting QB Job Russell Wilson’s To Lose?‘s Chris Mortensen reports that sources have informed him that Russell Wilson could secure the Seahawks starting job this week with a “strong performance” against the Kansas City Chiefs.

We’re going to wait after the game and see what happened and see what it feels like and talk it all out and see everything you can possibly see in analyzing it and move ahead with confidence,” said Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

The quarterback situation in Seattle is certainly to say the least. Matt Flynn has been the┬áconsensus favorite, but that had a lot to do with the fact he just received $19.5 million from the team. Wilson has looked incredible in the last two preseason games, but that was against second and third-string defenses. Still, Wilson has earned a shot against an opposing first-string unit. Had Flynn looked better, there’s a good chance that Wilson wouldn’t be starting this game.

It really seems like the Seahawks want to see Wilson win the starting job, despite the fact that they’re already financially committed to Flynn.

pixy Seahawks Starting QB Job Russell Wilson's To Lose?

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