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Should The Vikings Bench Christian Ponder?

Vikings HC Leslie Frazier mentioned that he has put a lot of thought into benching Christian Ponder despite his recent struggles.

“I really haven’t thought about pulling him for a game and taking him out for a series or anything like that,” Frazier said, via Tom Pelissero. “There are times where he needs to stay in the pocket a little bit longer. He needs to be patient.”


Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder was nothing short of terrible during yesterday’s loss to the Seahawks. The 2nd-year quarterback was 11-for-22 and threw for 63 yards and an interception. This marks the second time in three games that Ponder has thrown for under 100 yards and it begs the question, should Ponder be benched?

“The Vikings are dedicated to giving Ponder a fair shake to prove he is their future starter. At some point, however, the issue becomes less about development and more about accountability,” writes Kevin Seifert. “Ponder should be required to maintain a minimal level of play to remain on the field.”

The Vikings current three-game losing streak hasn’t helped Ponder as quarterbacks are usually the first to get blamed for a loss. Ponder was the 12th overall pick in last year’s draft and is said to be the Vikings long-term answer at quarterback. Minnesota won’t be so quick to pull the plug on their young quarterback, but his performances during the last month has some wondering if he can perform as a starter at the NFL-level. Ponder isn’t in any danger of losing his job, yet, but his leash could be getting shorter. Backup quarterback Joe Webb, who has shown flashes of some play making ability in the past, is waiting in the wings.

  • c matt

    for all the quarter back that came out in the draft we should have passed on Christian Ponder

  • Jim

    Omg, This is not rocket science people ponder should’ve never been drafted in the first place he’s twice as bad as T Jack, But at least to t-jack had an arm. We need to start Joe Webb ASAP And see what he can do? bring back Sage Rosenfeld bench or trade ponder, cut our losses and move on. end of subject!!! (Where is Brett Favre when you need him)

  • McGhee

    I really wish people would stop clammering for a change at QB every single time our QB falters. It cost us A. Luck or RG3 or multiple draft picks putting Joe Webb in last year. Please for the love of god can we stop putting band-aids on our team and thinking we can somehow do it differently then all the successful teams that suck, lose, and then draft well for a few years. I’m all for grabbing a veteran with 2/3’s of his career left to help out a team on the verge, but honestly this team is just wasting away the talent we have by trying to be something we are not. which is a winning franchise.

    Should have traded J. Allen last year while his stock was high and acquired more talented youngsters for the long haul. Maybe we would have Chandler Jones and Casey Hayward on our team right now with the picks we got from the trade, or maybe we would have got Andre Branch and Ryan Broyles, who knows, but I have faith in Spielman for the most part.

    Anyways, Lets leave Ponder in for rest of season and see what he has to offer us against the strong half of our schedule.

  • Ash

    Personally, I think its musgrave! He needs to shake it up a bit and let ponder loose….we are so damn predictable right now cuz musgrave keeps calling the same three plays over and over again, its no wonder the other teams defense can walk all over us!

  • Don Elliott

    niether QB is starter quality.

  • Don Elliott

    This reminds me of Dennis Green’s out-right stubbornness to admit he was in over his head.

  • Don Elliott

    Coaching is responsible for the team problems. The coach has squandered all the talent on the team. Sean Payton and chucky will be available next year.

  • Don Elliott

    Joe Webb isn’t up for the job either. Get Rosenfeld back.

  • Don Elliott

    Like I told my son. FRAZER Let go th best quarterback in order to keep webb.He as a coach should have kept and played ROSENFELD. It shows his shortcomings as a coach. He can’t bench ponder because he bet all his apples on the rookie.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      I get your point here about being married to someone who shouldn’t be starting at the NFL level. I think the Jets are in the situation and it makes you wonder whether or not betting everything on Mark Sanchez will ultimately cost Rex Ryan his job.

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