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Some Familiar Options For Plaxico Burress

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that the both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants have interest in signing their former receiver Plaxico Burress.┬áCole admits that the Giants’ interest seems strange but says that that’s what his sources are telling him.

Burress seems to be lobbying for the Eagles to sign him which is a possibility but it will be interesting to see how much interest Pittsburgh and New York show in the veteran receiver.

  • Best2EverDoIt

    Burress wont be used only in the redzone, he still has the ability to stretch the field. Hes a big body and has the quickness and great route running ability to get open in the open field. Lets not think Plax will be a jerome bettis type during his last year where he was primarily used in the redzone/goaline runs.. Buress plays an entirely different position and is built differently..

  • danceinkev

    Burress would be a nice addition to the Eagles…but can he settle to be the 3rd or 4th WR…If he does sign with the Eagles he would only be used in the redzone

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