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Speculative Options For Sean Payton

Yesterday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the NFL has voided Sean Payton’s recent contract extension because it was tied to GM Mickey Loomis’ status with the team.

Since then, the general consensus seems to be that Payton will ultimately re-sign with the Saints, since he and Loomis were responsible for the team’s dramatic turnaround. Payton has said numerous times that he prefers to be in New Orleans, so it’s clear that the odds are pretty good that he’ll be back on their sideline next season.

This hasn’t stopped speculative rumors from circulating regarding different NFL teams. The Cowboys were immediately tossed out as one team to watch now that Payton could be available. There was some talk that Payton could have interest in the Cowboys job seeing as his family is located in Texas. He also spent time with the franchise in previous years, so if he’s truly considering his available options, it will be hard for Jerry Jones to pass up the opportunity to pursue a head coach with his credentials.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer tosses out the Eagles a potential option as well. McLane points out that Payton spent two seasons as the Eagles’ quarterbacks coach in the late 90’s, but admits that he would have to be optimistic about their quarterback situation to even consider the job.

All things considered, the Saints still seem like the best of the three options. Drew Brees is clearly a difference maker and he already has his fingerprint all over this franchise. Things can obviously change, but it would be surprising to see him coaching elsewhere next season.



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