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Speculative Quarterbacks Options For The Vikings

Ben Goessling of take a look at some “plan B” quarterback options that the Vikings could consider this offseason.

According to Goessling, the majority free agent quarterbacks are only temporary solutions at best including guys like Michael Vick (33), Josh McCown (34) and Matt Schaub (32). It’s worth mentioning that Schaub is still under contract with the Texans, but many expect him to be released in the near future.

Goessling does, however, mention that Mark Sanchez could be the one guy who makes the most sense for the Vikings in free agency considering that he’s still only 27-years-old.

Another interesting idea floated by Goessling is the possibility of the Vikings trading for Patriots backup QB Ryan Mallett. He points to the fact that the Vikings have already done their homework on him given that he was a part of the same draft class as Christian Ponder and GM Rick Spielman has completed a number of trades with the Patriots in the past.

“If the Patriots were open to moving him, it’s possible the Vikings could take a look,” Goessling writes.

As for the draft, Goessling lists: Tajh Boyd (Clemson), Aaron Murray (Georgia) and Zach Mettenberger (LSU) as second day options that the Vikings could consider.


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Rick Yuhnke

One word: TEBOW. With Adrian running the ball, Tebow could be a nice fit for this team. Tebow is a winner and he is a leader, so why not?

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