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Stan Kroenke Could Sell The Rams & Buy The Raiders?

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch suggests an interesting scenario in which Rams owner Stan Kroenke could sell the team to someone that would keep them in St. Louis, and then purchase controlling interest in the Raiders.

From there, Kroenke could move the Raiders to Los Angeles after he acquired a 47 percent share of the team from current owner Mark Davis and his mother.

Another option proposed by Miklasz would be for the NFL to give Kroenke the okay to move the Rams to Los Angeles, and then have Davis relocate the Raiders to St. Louis in a swap of sorts.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes that of the two scenarios, the latter seems more plausible given that Davis hasn’t given any indication that he would consider selling the Raiders.

Kroenke is well positioned to capitalize on the Los Angeles market in some fashion, despite the fact that the city of St. Louis has stepped up their efforts to keep the Rams in the midwest and build them a new stadium.

While the Raiders are also among the teams that could relocate to L.A., a number of obstacles exist that would likely prevent them from going it on their own.

David has met with prospective cities like San Antonio about relocating the Raiders, so it’s not out of them realm of possibilities that they could consider a possible move to St. Louis if Kroenke is able to move the Rams.

Miklasz admits that these ideas may seem crazy, but he still expects multiple options to be considered once things begin to fall into place regarding the L.A. market.


“Normally I’d laugh at this kind of stuff — but not this time,” Miklasz writes.  “If [Dave] Peacock and [Bob] Blitz complete their stadium mission, then multiple options will likely be in play.  And some of those options may seem crazy to you.  But it’s not as much of a fantasy as you’d think.”

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No way Raiders move to St.Louis!

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

I can see the Raiders moving to L.A. with the Rams in a stadium deal with Kroenke or moving to St. Louise in a new stadium if Kroenke moves the Rams to L.A.

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