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Steelers Hoping To Sign Mike Wallace To A Long-Term Contract

Steelers owner Art Rooney II told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that they’re hoping to get a long-term agreement done with WR Mike Wallace before he’s an unrestricted free agent next year.

The sooner the better as far as we’re concerned but there’s two parties to it,” Rooney said. “We’ll have to see what we agree on so I don’t want to put any particular time frame on it or restrictions on it because these things take time and I wouldn’t want to box myself in on it.”

A few days ago, reports surfaced that Wallace is looking for a deal that would surpass Larry Fitzgeralds‘ eight-year contract worth $120 million. Now that could have been an attempt to prevent other teams from trying to sign him away from Pittsburgh but he’ll certainly have to offer the Steelers some sort of a discount considering the deferred money that they have on their books.

Antonio Brown will be a restricted free agent next season so the situation will repeat itself in the coming years. The Steelers may ultimately have to decide between keeping either Wallace or Brown considering their financial constraints.

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Wallace should sign and be happy about it!  Winning franchise and likely to win again real soon.   Could be number 7 this year!   Get with the program Plex….

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