55% Chance Steven Jackson Gets Traded?

Peter King of SI.com offers his take on whether or not the Rams will trade RB Steven Jackson

King believes Jackson has 55 percent change of being dealt before Thursday’s trade deadline. King lists the usual suspects: the Packers, Cardinals, Cowboys and possibly the Steelers as potential options.

Even though he’s due a lot of money,” said an AFC personnel man, “he’s got real value for a contender because he can still play, and there’re a few teams out there that really need a running back.”

King adds that he can’t see the Packers taking on Jackson’s salary, but adds that the Cowboys should strongly consider doing so. He also mentioned that the asking price is likely a third or fourth-round pick.


Byran Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch believes the Rams will not trade running back Steven Jackson by Thursday’s deadline, but adds that his time with the team will come to an end after the season.

“Smart organizations don’t give up high draft picks for 29-year-old running backs whose contracts are on the verge of expiring. I’m not sure that dumb organizations will do that, either,” writes Burwell. “…However, it’s painfully obvious that the Jackson era in St. Louis is drawing to a close. Too many things happening in the background that signal how the Rams are preparing the way for his eventual exit.”

Burwell points to the Rams decision to restructure Jackson’s contract to allow him to opt out after this season as a reason to believe he will not back in St Louis next year. Burwell also adds that a trade would send a bad message to the locker room, signaling the front office has given up on this season and is only interested in the future.

The Rams are a rebuilding team and Jackson can walk after this year. With rookie running back Daryl Richardson‘s emergence as a possible replacement for Jackson, the Rams front office will likely do their due diligence and explore every possible trade avenue.

We have Jackson listed as the No. 11 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

pixy 55% Chance Steven Jackson Gets Traded?

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