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Update: Still A Chance That Jonathan Martin Could Be Back In Miami?


A report from Wednesday night mentioned that there was at least a chance that Martin could be back with the Dolphins, despite all that has transpired in regards to the bullying claims against Richie Incognito.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, there is almost no way that OT Jonathan Martin will ever play for the Dolphins again.

How stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room? The message they would be sending is if you are having personal troubles and you quit on us, even in the middle of a season and without any explanation to coaches or staff, we’ll be fine with letting you come back when you are ready,” Salguero writes.

Salguero also mentions that some of the Dolphins players who spoke out in defense of Incognito are still with the team and Miami has since brought in a new general manager, so it seems likely that he will do his best to move on from this situation.

As Salguero mentions, the Dolphins have “zero leverage” when it comes to trading Martin this offseason.

At this point in time, it appears as though the Dolphins would be lucky to even get a late-round pick in return for Martin.


Ian Rapoport reports that OT Jonathan Martin plans on continuing his NFL career and has been in contact with the Dolphins on some level in the recent weeks.

“I am told it is not outside the realm of possibility that Martin does return to the Dolphins when it’s all said and done,” Rapoport said, via NFL Media.

Following the season, the Dolphins seemed to indicate that neither Martin or Richie Incognito would be back with the team in 2014. Miami is expected to shop Martin around the league this offseason, but the overall consensus belief is that they would be lucky to get any more than a late-round pick for him.

Ted Wells is expected to release his finding from the investigation from the bullying claims against Incognito at some point in the near future, so we’ll probably have a better idea of what the Dolphins intend to do once more information is available.


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