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Still No Movement Regarding Matt Forte

Last week there were rumors that Bears RB Matt Forte could be traded as the two sides have yet to find much of any middle ground in negotiations.

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo mentioned yesterday that nothing has changed despite Forte continuing to produce for them.

There really is nothing new,” Angelo said, per Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “We did what I consider our very best. I know that they tried as well. We weren’t able to get it accomplished. He was our No. 1 priority. We spent a lot of time during the preseason trying to get it done and right now our focus is on the season.

Angelo continues to stand by his decision to draw the line regarding Forte but this isn’t exactly doing all that much to endear him to Bears fans.

  • Acsdak

    Let me first say that if Jerry Angelo trades Matt Forte away, he should immediately fired and subsequently committed to an institution capable of dealing with severe mental issues.  Now that that is out of the way, do you see the Bears being involved in any other Trades before the deadline?  I know that Lance Briggs and Chris Harris have voiced their desire to be traded.  More specifically, are the Bears going to bring anyone in?  Anyone that has watched any Bears games this year knows that the O-Line needs an upgrade.  Gabe Carimi, who was a wonderful draft pick, will certainly help when he returns from his injury, but the O-Line is more than one guy away.  Are there any O-Line players that could be realistically brought in?  I also see CB as a position that could be upgraded or at least added depth to(Green Bay and Detroit are going to be slinging the ball around for years to come).  Who could realistically be added in this area?  OK.  That is enough rambling on from me on one post(and I only took one shot at Jerry Angelo!)

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      The Bears are not going to trade Lance Briggs who is under contract for another two seasons (2013) but they’re definitely willing to move Chris Harris. My point earlier was that Harris has been relegated to a backup position on a team that could use an upgrade at safety so what is that really saying about his ability? Reports mentioned that the Bears would be lucky to get a seventh round pick in return for him so it’s hard to expect much.

      If the Bears do anything, it’s going to be to address their o-line or the safety positions. The only problem is that they aren’t likely to deal draft picks for either position. Free agent options are more likely than a trade at this point.

      Chicago’s gameplan did wonders for their o-line last night and getting Carimi back could be enough to stabilize at least a portion of their line.

      I really like the point that you made about the Bears cornerbacks. I’ve always respected them for their physical play but at this point it seems like they could be a liability against the Packers, Saints and Lions. They need more depth at the position and considering that the league is dominated by passing attacks, quality options just aren’t available.

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