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Tarvaris Jackson Back In Seattle Next Season

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times makes the case for bringing back QB Tarvaris Jackson for another season despite an up and down season.

Jackson did his job,” writes Brewer. “He became a more efficient quarterback, especially after the run game emerged. You don’t really have to worry about Jackson losing games. The Seahawks still don’t have a quarterback who can win games regularly, however. And so the pursuit continues. Or maybe, because they haven’t made a significant investment in a quarterback yet, the pursuit begins. Will general manager John Schneider go after Matt Flynn? Or move up in the draft to take Robert Griffin III if he declares? Or make an unpredictable pick in a later round? Or sign Charlie Whitehurst‘s clone?”

Jackson will make $4 million next season so the Seahawks could still pursue another quarterback like Matt Flynn or possibly Landry Jones. I know that Brewer mentions Robert Griffin III but his draft stock would have to fall in the coming months to see him drop to Seattle at #12. So far the Seahawks have done a good job of not overreacting to a specific need but at some point they’re going to have to solidify the quarterback position for the long-term.



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