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Teams Could Pursue Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff After Losing Final Say Over Roster

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk brings up an interesting point regarding Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff following the news from today that new HC Dan Quinn will have final say over the team’s roster.

With Thomas Dimitroff no longer having final say over the roster, another team could (in theory) try to hire him — if he gets both control over the roster and the draft,” writes Florio. “…That’s right.  If another team is willing to give Dimitroff the power he had before a key piece of it was given to Quinn, the Falcons won’t be able to stop Dimitroff from interviewing for the job, or from accepting it.”

Florio specifically mentions that the Browns could be a team to watch for Dimitroff, seeing as Ray Farmer “failed to protect owner Jimmy Haslam from himself on Johnny Manziel.”

NFL teams have already made a number of changes to their front offices since their seasons ended, but teams have made delayed changes until after the draft in years past, so there is at least a small chance that someone could show interest in Dimitroff.

It’s worth mentioning that Dimitroff told reporters on Tuesday that he’s fine with the current power structure in Atlanta.

It’s not about who has final 53 or who has authority over one thing or another,” Dimitroff said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It’s about working together. It’s about nice equal footing and a partnership. Given the fact that this is Dan Quinn and he has all of his understanding of the defense and how he believes he wants to build a football team. I have no problem with how the set-up is. I encouraged it. … I think we need to spend a lot of time together talking about the specifics about system and the specifics about the football players that we are looking for.”

Dimitroff also has close ties to Scott Pioli, who is a part of the team’s front office, so it could be a comfortable situation for him to remain with the Falcons.

It’s hard to say how much stock you can really put into this idea, but strange things happen every year in the NFL.


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