Terrell Owens Ready To Return In Week 2 Or 3?

Terrell Owens has provided an update on his current status and a possible timeline as to when he could return to the NFL.

The doctors said the timetable was six to eight months, and up to a year, of rehab process,” Owens told Sam Alipour of ESPN The Magazine .” Obviously, they gave someone of my caliber a four-to-six-month window. Four months is very ambitious, and that’s where I’m at now: four months and four or five days out from surgery. Talking with the doctors, going through my personal training in L.A. and in Pensacola, they stressed that I’m way ahead of schedule. I’m giving myself the timetable of maybe two or three weeks into the season that I’ll be ready. That’s giving myself a grace period, for setbacks. I’m rehabbing my butt off to get back on the field.”

I haven’t talked to any teams in particular,” Owens adds. “But I know my talents. Once I’m able to showcase that I’m able to run any route they want me to run, I’m sure the suitors will be there. At this time, I know there’s a little window before the season starts, but I’m going to be smart about it. I’m not going to rush into it. But injuries are going to occur during the course of the season. Some receivers are going to go down. I’m going to prepare myself. I’ll be ready when the time comes.”


pixy Terrell Owens Ready To Return In Week 2 Or 3?

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