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Texans Considering Letting LB Mario Williams Leave?’s Peter King writes that the Houston Texans have to be “seriously considering” allowing LB Mario Williams to leave during free agency.

King’s point is that the team didn’t lose to the Baltimore Ravens because of their defensive front and with young players like J.J. Watt and Brooks Reed playing big roles for them; it’s hard to say that allocating more money to an area of strength would be the best idea for the Texans.

Williams will garner plenty of interest on the open market and should net a pretty sizeable contract. Typically, it would make sense for the team to consider using their franchise tag on as it would only be a one-year commitment. The projected franchise tag for defensive ends is in the range of $10.595 – $11.002 million for the 2012 so Houston will ultimately have to decide if he’s worth keeping at that price.

One important aspect to consider is that Williams made $15.15 million this season so have under contract at much more reasonable price for just one season could be enticing.

Houston’s front office has said publicly that they would like to keep him and even referred to Williams as their top priority but his return is by no means a guarantee.

We have Williams listed as the #11 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.



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The franchise hit would be 22 million as  the new CBA requres the Texans to pay 120% of Mario’s 2011 contract.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I initially wrote that but changed if after seeing the franchise tag totals for 2012. I tried to look for the article that first mentioned the $22 million figure but couldn’t find it. I’ll be sure to remember that.


well why not i believe that Houston is better with Mario Williams and the dumbest thing could do is let him leave another star leaves Houston for nothing in return the texans need to break the cycle and if they don’t want him ( I hope they do) at least sign and trade down for q great pick in the draft. remember Houston was the idiot of the draft when they picked Mario???

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